We've gone back to the old Forum

Just in case you didn’t know, SOTS has returned to its old forum board at www.sistahsforum.proboards59.com.

There you can find discussions with women like us.

So go there and check it out.


Just a taste of SOTS's recent Pick of the Month…

“[Tananine] Jenkins’ book delves into a lot of action that will keep you flipping the pages. It’s a read in one night kind of book because you won’t want to put it down. The fast cars, the crazy parties and the beautiful women will capture both studs and femmes alike. A little slow at first, it picks up and keeps you on the edge of your seat till the end; the ending will leave with watery eyes. Jenkins, grammatical errors aside, is a good storyteller—and that counts for a lot.”

 To read more, visit www.sistahsontheshelf.com/pick.html

Welcome to the SOTS Blog!!

Yes, Sistahs on the Shelf has a blog!

It’s just another way to get the site out there, as well as a way to get any information out there between site updates (which by the way happen monthly). This blog will be kept up to date with any information or just my general witty reparte (which I know you all secretly love! :-))

So I’d love for you to keep stopping by, and keep up with Sistahs. I’m proud of the progress my site has made.

I hope you are, too!