Sistahs on the Shelf featured on

I’m proud to say that your very own Sistahs on the Shelf has gotten a mention at After Ellen, the wildly popular lesbian visibility website.
Last month, AE columnist Linda Villarosa wrote about the plight of black lesbian literature, sighting how little exposure we get surrounding novels about our lifestyle.

“Read any good erotica lately? Probably not if you’re looking for African-American lesbian love,” Villarosa wrote.

I emailed her about Sistahs on the Shelf, making her aware that there was a source for black lesbians to read books for us and by us.

And she gave my site the greatest compliment, calling it “wonderful, thoughtful, thorough.”

Many thanks to Linda, and the women who also suggested the site to her.


Best. Black. Lesbian. Book. Ever.

waterinabrokenglassBeing the founder of SOTS, I can tell you that I’ve read a lot of black lesbian books.

It’s my passion. There’s nothing like a book you can truly identify with, and that’s what books about Sistahs in the Life do for me. You always feel like you either are that character or know someone just like her.

I have my favorite books from the genre, ones that have moved me to tears or to think. No bias here, but Water in a Broken Glass is my all time greatest. It’s so raw and passionate, the story of a woman torn between her true feelings for a woman and what everyone else wants for her. Something in this novel spoke to me, as if I were Tonya, enduring her struggles to be herself.

A question for you: What black lesbian novel has spoken to you? What’s your favorite?

Meeting Ms. Zedde


Last weekend I had the chance to meet Fiona Zedde.

In Atlanta for a much needed vacation, I was excited when I heard about a book signing for Fiona’s new book, A Taste of Sin, recently published July 6.

The place was Charis Books & More, the date was July 8, and the time was 8:00.

Actually I arrived about 20 minutes late.

When I walked in, Fiona was in the middle of reading a steamy passage. In case you haven’t picked up her newest novel, A Taste of Sin, it follows the passionate encounters between characters Desiree and Victoria, who, from the pages Fiona read, can’t keep their hands off one one another. Of course the novel goes much deeper, but the scenes I read more than piqued my interest.

Afterward, Fiona answered a few questions from the audience. The hottest question of the night came when someone asked if Hunter, the stud extraordinaire from her first novel, Bliss, would ever reappear in a future novel. The women were clamoring for that answer, as I heard several ladies swoon about the woman who sweeps Bliss Sinclair off her feet. The answer was possibly but not right now, especially since Ms. Zedde has several other books to complete first. Up next is a vampire novel. (Ooh, sounds intriguing.) She is also preparing selections for upcoming anthologies, as well.

Afterward, audience members got the chance to purchase Sin, and have it signed by Fiona. I waited in line with plenty of excited women, and I finally got my chance.

Now I must say I was a little nervous.

A picture on a website is one thing, but meeting an author in person is another. Fiona was dressed very casually, decked in a sun dress with brown, gold and red tones. Her reddish-brown dreads flowed nicely over her bare shoulders. She seemed approachable and down to earth, always adorning a smile on her tawny-colored face. That made it easier. She signed my book as I was introducing myself as the founder of Sistahs on the Shelf. Just her acknowledgement of meeting me and finally putting a face with a name meant a lot to me.

And the polite hug we exchanged went a long, too.

I hope all my author visits turn out like this.

New Arrival from author Cheril N. Clarke

Tainted Destiny, the new book from Cheril N. Clarke is scheduled to hit bookstores October 6, 2006.

Here is a synopsis from her website:

Back in the welcoming arms of New York City after a tumultuous relationship, Sadira Cooper is ready to breathe again. It isn’t long before she finds herself entering the dating scene. As she struggles to understand the meaning of true love, Sadira has to confront a past that she’d fought very hard to forget. After a failed first attempt at reigniting an old flame she begins an affair with Olivia, but makes a fatal mistake that gets her trapped in Olivia’s web of destruction. This coupled with the return of her venomously sexy former lover leaves Sadira quickly approaching an unavoidable collision of hearts and shattering of lives.

Tainted Destiny is a suspenseful romance that paints a vivid picture of turmoil and passion. Sadira experiences every facet of emotion—fear, pain, love, anxiety and utter confusion as she is stretched from one extreme to another in trying to find a balance. Does Sadira have what it takes to survive the obstacles put in her path or is her destiny forever tainted?

To order Cheril’s new book, visit