Pre-Order Skyy's New Book, Crossroads

Crossroads, the highly anticipated third novel by Skyy, is almost here.

Lena knows who she wants and she is headed to meet her destiny. She refuses to let anything stop her, not even her husband or the baby growing in her stomach.

Denise knows it’s time to move on. Hopefully being in New York will help her broken heart mend. With a new career and a new residence maybe she can finally move on from Lena. But will a change of events finally break her down.

Cooley knew it was a mistake to break her own rules. She gave her heart to Misha and lost big time. She doesn’t plan to make that mistake ever again. Now she is focused on her new A&R job with Jam Zone, nothing is going to take her off her path…or so she thinks.

The crew has left the comforts of Freedom University for their new adult lives. Love, drama, and life brings them to the crossroads. Which way will they go?

Skyy is the author of the highly-popular novels, Choices and Consequences.

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Samiya Bashir is a 2010 Lambda Literary Award Finalist

Congratulations are in order for Samiya Bashir, who is a finalist for a 2010 Lambda Literary Award. Her book, Gospel: Poems published by Red Bone Press, was recognized in the Lesbian Poetry category. Winners will be announced at the 22nd Annual Awards in New York on May 27. Let’s wish Bashir the best.

Two New E-Books from Cheril N. Clarke and Fiona Zedde!

Two of your favorite authors, Cheril N. Clarke and Fiona Zedde have new e-books out to tide us over until their next full-length novels. Both of these book can be purchased through and downloaded to your Kindle or any other electronic book reader, as well as on your PC. Clicking on each book will take you to to purchase.

Clarke’s Illusions of Love: Two Erotic Vignettes featuring Kenya is a return to the self-centered, self-indulgent Kenya from Intimate Chaos. The synopsis:

Imagine being able to do whatever you want whenever you want. Imagine living by your own rules, never feeling guilty and never apologizing for what you do. Imagine being so charming and smooth you effortlessly move in and out of your lovers’ lives and bank accounts, giving them the illusion of love and stability. Can you imagine, being cunning and charismatic yet cold and calculating?

Meet Kenya, Clarke’s firecracker character from Intimate Chaos and the lead in Illusions of Love: Two Erotic Vignettes. In addition to feverish passages of lesbian sex and seduction, we get to know Kenya for the chilling individual she really is: an emotional parasite with a stunning lack of conscience and voracious appetite for women.

Relax, read and revel in this bold new collection of stories from novelist, Cheril N. Clarke.

Zedde’s Kisses after Midnight is a collection of short stories. The synopsis:

The artist with a secret passion. An assassin on the hunt. A Jamaican exiled in snow. These are just a few of the women who come to life in this seductive collection of thirteen stories by novelist, Fiona Zedde.

Exploring themes of love, desire, liberation, and loss, these stories take the reader on a journey into the hearts and minds of unforgettable characters who linger long after the last page has turned.

If you read and enjoyed any of Fiona’s previous novels – Bliss, A Taste of Sin, Every Dark Desire, or Hungry for It – this is an anthology not to be missed.

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