Triangle Black Pride With RedBone Press

Come out to see RedBone Press publisher Lisa C. Moore this weekend at Triangle Black Pride for the folks in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area.  Moore is the editor of the well-received does your mama know? An Anthology of Black Lesbian Coming Out Stories and co-editor of Spirited: Affirming the Soul and Black Gay/Lesbian Identity.

On Friday, July 30, Moore will talk on a panel from 3 to 5 p.m. with Yolo Akili, Terry Angel Mason, L. Lamar Wilson, and Alexis Pauline Gumbs and moderator Uriah Bell.

On Saturday, July 31, buy your RedBone Press books at the Triangle Pride Expo at the Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley, 4500 Marriott Blvd. in Raleigh, NC from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Check out both events if you’re in the area.


Call for Writers: CineMatiq Magazine

CineMatiq Magazine, a new quarterly publication created to bring readers a unique and distinct perspective in cinema and beyond, is searching for writers. The magazine’s main focus is bringing the reader a unique and distinct perceptive on Black LGBT images in cinema but also highlighting the filmmaker and their experience making a film about the black LGBT experience. CineMatiq also features how to articles, film and film equipment reviews and resources for filmmakers.

Writing for CineMatiq is open to everyone, gay or straight, and they highly encourage people of color to apply. To be considered, please send a writing sample and link to your work for review by visiting the website and clicking on the “Submissions” link.

Angel L. Brown, founder, says, “Creating CineMatiq Magazine was a natural step for me. I had the idea in my head since the launch of Queer Black Cinema film series in 2006. It was a matter of time and experience learning the film business and becoming a leading resource/consultant of Black LGBT cinema. Launching CineMatiq was another way for me to give back to the community creating a platform in print, archiving film critique for people to discussion and debate for generations long after I leave this earth.”

CineMatiq Magazine will be a quarterly online publication available for download for $4.95. It will feature indie and mainstream filmmakers on the cover. Content will include everything from film reviews to equipment suggestions and production advice columns.

To view a copy of the magazine, visit While there, please partake of the quick survey.

Authors, Be Recognized in Carry the Word: A Bibliography of Black LGBTQ Books

RedBone Press and Vintage Entity Press are co-publishing the second edition of Carry the Word: A Bibliography of Black LGBTQ Books for early fall 2010. If you have or know of a black LGBTQ/SGL book published since 2007, or an upcoming book to be published in 2010 (*it must already have an ISBN assigned*), please e-mail the following info to by Aug. 15, 2010:

  • Title of book
  • Author(s)/editor(s)
  • Publisher
  • Year of publication
  • ISBN
  • Genre

Lisa C. Moore, publisher of RedBone Press, says, “We’d like to make sure Carry the Word is as complete as possible. We’ve already got a long list of titles, and want to make sure we’re not missing anything.”

If you’re unsure whether the book belongs in the bibliography, here’s the info from the jacket copy:

Carry the Word is a seminal reference work, featuring over 600 titles by and about black Same-Gender-Loving (SGL) and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer-Identified (LGBTQ) writers and culture, as well as interviews and articles about black SGL authors.”

To read more about Carry the Word, visit Also, check out Vintage Entity Press also at

New E-Book: A Studs Guide To Success With Femmes

Studs, want to know the secrets to being successful with femmes? Pick up the free e-book, A Studs Guide To Success With Femmes. It’s “written by a lesbian stud who knows what she’s talking about and has actually put the techniques and theories in this book into practice.” It covers the aspects of Internet dating, communication, and relationship rules for the masculine woman.

“This book,” as premise states, “is for all the studs that are sick of ending up every femme’s new friend. It’s for the studs that are tired of hearing the excuses femmes come up with just so they don’t have to talk to you or take your relationship further.”

Visit to download this new book. (Psst, femmes you should read it, too.)

Just This Sistahs Opinion – Marriage: Not in My Book

Marriage: Not in My Book

While books reflect our lives and dreams, mostly what I read in black lesbian novels is about love and relationships. To be honest, I really mean sex. Lots and lots of sex.

And don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with sex. I love it just like the next lesbian (and the next lesbian after that). The act of making love is a beautiful thing, the sensual touching and caressing between two passionate women who have this intense connection that it erupts into a wild explosion of lust…

Damn, what was I talking about?

Oh yes, that I love sex as much as the next lesbian. Sex plays a large role in our relationships, and it most assuredly resounds in the books we read.  If you’ve noticed, Sistahs on the Shelf features more than a few erotica collections or novels with erotic themes, written by incredibly talented women who are good at their craft. They entice us with tales of tantalizing positions and places, one-night stands, sex with love, sex that turns into love and straight-up fucking. If there’s an amorous adventure to be had, it’s in one of those books (case in point Ms. Erotica’s Kiss! Kiss! Keep It Wet! and newcomer Katrina Arango’s Wide Open).

Yet where those booksprovide a wide array of sexual experiences, one thing I don’t see very often is marriage. There’s plenty of love stories, how two women meet or reconnect and fall in love — and that’s where most of the books end.

I want to read a black lesbian novel that features a couple contemplating or planning to get hitched, or even better, a couple that is joined in marriage or a union and how they make it work.

Yes, I understand that we haven’t gotten to a point of having marriage equality in all states across the country. Yes, I realize that some of the women writing our novels are 20 and 30-somethings who are mirroring their own lives and loves, because it’s always best to write what you know. And I also know that the institution of marriage, even with “straight” counterparts, is not exactly successful or revered (the divorce rate is about 50 percent) .

But this doesn’t stop me from wanting to see marriage or commitment ceremonies in what we read. Because we all need something to aspire to.

Besides, I love a good wedding.

Just This Sistahs Opinion is the brainchild of Rena, Sistahs on the Shelf Founder/Publisher, which will (hopefully) be a weekly column about lesbian literature and life. Reactions to this column? Send them to Email her if you would like to contribute.

Get Ready for Nikki Rashan’s Cyber Case

Nikki Rashan, the author of popular titles Double Pleasure Double Pain and You Make Me Wanna…, has a new title hitting shelves everywhere on July 27 with Cyber Case.

Here’s the synopsis:

Jovanna, a successful mortgage broker, and her criminal lawyer girlfriend, Melanie, have established a warm, tender, and secure relationship during the four years they’ve been together. But when business and friendship intertwine, the promise of their certain future is threatened. An online fixation turned temptation shakes up their once solid companionship. Will Melanie remain loyal to Jovanna, or will she succumb to an unanticipated and provocative online invitation?

Cyber Case thrills readers with a tale of suspense and intrigue, detailing the extremes a woman will go to in order to obtain the object of her affection—and the lengths to which her lover will go to uncover the truth.


And in case you needed more reason to pick up Nikki’s upcoming novel, view her video preview below.

Call for Submissions: A Seat in front of the Fireplace for Lesbians and Gay Men

Please read this call for submissions regarding A Seat in front of the Fireplace for Lesbians and Gay Men for more information and how to submit your work.

Amidst the onslaught of daily bad news, it’s easy to forget that there are a lot of great things that happen in people’s lives. This includes events and circumstances in the lives of lesbians and gay men.

As a minority group, lesbians and gay men have extra challenges that go beyond those of their straight peers. But lesbians and gay men have plenty of heart-warming and inspirational life experiences, as well. It is tales like those that are the subject of an upcoming anthology, “A Seat in Front of the Fireplace for Lesbians and Gay Men.”

This collection will feature true stories of average people in a variety of circumstances who respond in extraordinary ways. Whether they are overcoming, reaching out, taking a risk, standing up for a belief or having another experience, their response proves inspirational and uplifting to the reader. Not only could it be considered a “warm fuzzy,” but it makes the reader think.

Stories should be:
1. A minimum 400 and a maximum 1400 words long.
2. Be written in the first person.
3. Have a clear beginning, middle and end.
4. Be tied in some way to the experience of being lesbian or gay.
5. Be non-fiction.
6. Include details, emotions, context.
7. Can be a funny, sad or action-filled story.
8. Need not focus solely on lesbian/gay identity and related issues but being lesbian/gay as part of being a whole person with a life of varying facets.

Deadline: December 15, 2010

Stories in the anthology will be grouped under one of the following eight themes, which will denote the sections of the book:

Childhood and youth
Young adulthood
Adult life
Coming out
Turning points
Transcending road blocks
Family matters
Lessons learned

Writers are welcome to submit more than one story for consideration under one or more of the themes. Stories submitted should not have been previously published.

“Anonymous” stories won’t be considered, but authors may change the names of the people chronicled in the story to protect identities if necessary.

Manuscripts (not original copies) should be sent to:
A Seat in Front of the Fireplace, attn: S.F.
P.O. Box 440113
Los Angeles, CA 90044

Works will not be returned.

For more information, visit