Last Showing of Intimate Chaos Stage Play in Philly!

Don’t miss out!

In two weeks the hilarious dramedy, Intimate Chaos, will hit the stage for the LAST TIME in the Philadelphia tri-state area! There will be three shows with SEATING LIMITED to 100 per night and though you can purchase the night of the event, it is strongly advised that you purchase in Advance to not only Save Money but to Secure Your Seat! Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door.

The shows will be at the Adrienne Theatre, which is located at 2030 Sansom Street. All shows start at 7:30 p.m. and the dates are September 30-October 2. There will be discount parking for patrons at the parking lot across the street from the theatre.

IN ADDITION, there will be a celebratory happy hour this coming Monday, Sept. 20 at Warmdaddy’s Restaurant from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Early guests will enjoy a complimentary selection of appetizers, but for the duration of the evening there will be a cash bar and full menu available. Warmdaddy’s is located at 1400 Columbus Boulevard in the Penns Landing area and is adjacent to United Artists at Riverview movie theater. There is PLENTY of free parking in the area.

This will be a great time to see some friends on the Philly Arts scene and meet some others. Hope to see you there!!!


Back by popular demand and as a Featured production in the inaugural Philadelphia Urban Theatre Festival, Intimate Chaos is an urban dramedy that explores a lesbian relationship complete with love, lust, abandonment and betrayal. Packed with comedy, drama and its share of salacious scenes, this show ultimately explores the romantic relationship between two headstrong women as well as heterosexual/homosexual friendship dynamics.


“The brilliance of Cheril N. Clarke is astounding.” – Out IN Jersey

“Lesbian novelist creates success out of Chaos.” – Philadelphia Gay News

Intimate Chaos (the book) brings us dyke drama in all its glory as it chronicles Sadira and Jessie’s roller-coaster relationship.” – Curve magazine

“Take a sexy, sultry book brimming with drama and deceit, add actors and a set to bring it to life, and you’ve got yourself a play worth paying for!” – GO Magazine


The Butterfly Moments from Renee Bess Available Now

Some people show you who they are.  Others show you who they want you to see.  Sifting the truth from all the possibilities is as difficult as counting the markings on a butterfly’s wings.

From Regal Crest Enterprises comes a new book from acclaimed author Renee Bess titled The Butterfly Moments.

Read on for more info:

The Butterfly Moments

After a twenty-plus year career as a Parole Officer in Philadelphia, Alana Blue is more than ready to leave her job and move on to more rewarding work. Jaded and burned out, Alana is given the difficult assignment of supervising Rafe Ortiz, a renegade Probation and Parole Officer who arrives in Alana’s office by way of a disciplinary transfer and with a reputation for accumulating meaningless sexual conquests.

Alana’s life is more complicated by the frequent conflicts she experiences with her homophobic daughter, Nikki. Convinced that the transparency of her mother’s sexuality doomed her first marriage, Nikki is obsessed with keeping her second union intact, even if it means constantly repudiating Alana. Nikki’s husband, Owen Reid, doesn’t always agree with his wife’s opinions regarding same-gender relationships; nor does he always support their marriage by remaining faithful to Nikki.

As Alana is reaching for an opportunity to pursue a new career, the body of a brutally murdered university student is discovered partially hidden on a property very close to Alana’s neighborhood. Detective Johnetta Jones, recently retired from the Philadelphia Police Force, and hired by a suburban law enforcement department, is assigned to the murder case. When the investigation leads her to one of Alana’s parolees, Johnetta remembers having interviewed this particular Parole Officer once before. Although her memory of Alana is mostly pleasant, Johnetta remains more emotionally connected to her work than she is to any woman she’s ever met. Vaguely discontent, she is reluctant to forge a romantic connection with anyone…until her path intersects with Alana’s once again. Their renewed contact suggests the possibility of love and the end of loneliness for both women. As Johnetta and her work partner, Detective Harold Smythe, get close to solving the university student’s murder, Johnetta realizes arresting their suspect will imperil her tenuous relationship with Alana.

Alana becomes caught in the war between her impulsive attraction to Rafe Ortiz’s flirtatious pursuit and her realization that her feelings for Johnetta Jones are growing deeper with each passing day. Will everything in Alana’s world disintegrate when lies are revealed, true identities are exposed, and the murderer is unmasked?

The Butterfly Moments is available now at; www.giovannisroom;;; and most independently owned LGBT bookstores. Bess anticipates the book’s availability for Kindle owners and other e-book format readers very soon.

New E-Book – In The Flesh: Stories Of Lesbian Dominance And Submission

Katrina Arango has a new e-book, In The Flesh: Stories Of Lesbian Dominance And Submission, that will tap into the pain and pleasure of lesbian relationships.

Read the synopsis for more info:

Twelve exquisitely written stories to indulge your darker tastes. Katrina Arango’s writing in this collection of lesbian D/s series can best be described as a cross between reading Pauline Réage’s Story of O and Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty Trilogy…but with a sapphic twist!

Some of the stories are sensual and playful, exploring fetish & fantasy. Others are hauntingly intense and take the reader deep into dormant passions and desires.

In the story “The Punishment,” a disobedient submissive is subjected to a series of erotic tests by her Mistress, including not being able to climax until she is commanded to! In “Virtual Dominance” a young woman receives a mysterious email with some very kinky instructions. In “Adventures In A Paris Dungeon,” a beautiful, aristocratic Domme takes her most treasured slave to the limits in her elegant, Victorian home, where erotic torments end in the deepest pleasures. “Lesson Learned” is a naughty story about a strict librarian who teaches a rude woman about the importance of silence! “The Training Of Sabine” takes place in a classy San Francisco D/s house where the lovely Sabine learns what it’s like to serve. In “Innocent Cravings” a young woman can’t fight her attraction for a gorgeous, older, dominant woman. “A Mistress For Rose” a sweet and sexy story about a sub’s first encounter with a dominant woman.

In “Club Leather: Lifetime Membership,” Karen wants to become a member of the exclusive, women only S&M club where all your fantasies happen. But what happens when she falls for the head Mistress? Will she become enslaved to her carnal needs or live in a dominant paradise for a lifetime? In “The Interview” a bored and lonely woman answers an intriguing personal ad for a live-in personal assistant. Will it be more than she bargained for or all she’s dreamed of?

You will be addicted from the first page. Isn’t it time to give in to your hidden cravings?

To purchase Arango’s e-book, visit this link.

Lesbian Memoirs Labor Day Sale

In honor of the Labor Day weekend, Lesbian Memoirs is having a sale on all its books until Monday at midnight, including reduced prices on the following titles: Closing Stages, Be the Sun, and Life Love and Lust.

And, you can also purchase 6.99 LM’s newest creation: Her Voice.

The synopsis:

To every woman without a voice and to the women that made it possible to have one.  Her Voice is not just poetry it is a work of art by women just like you.

Never before has a voice been so loud and victorious. Out of the heavens she reigns supreme. Your voice, our voice is now Her Voice.

If you have ever been in doubt, need or want of a savior…look no further than Her Voice.

A collection of some of the greatest poets and poetry to hit this side of paradise. We have given every woman a voice through Her Voice.

Find yours between these pages of divine voices.

Check out these books, and take advantage of the sale prices found at