Glover Lane Press Releases Groundbreaking Anthology, Tapestries of Faith: Black SGLBT Stories of Triumph, Family, Love & Healing

Glover Lane Press is proud to announce Tapestries of Faith: Black SGLBT Stories of Triumph, Family, Love & Healing, an anthology about the lives and stories of Black same gender loving bisexual and trans people.

Co-Editor of Tapestries of Faith, Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti, says, “This will be one of the most important anthologies in the history of SGLBT. Jeffrey King gave us the vision for this book during a community gathering and charged me with the task of birthing this book into the world. I am honored to be among the gatekeepers for this project.”

Azaan Kamau, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of Glover Lane Press says, “This book is an important contribution to African-American history. Glover Lane Press is honored to be the publishing house to bring these stories to the world.”

Tapestries of Faith speaks to the often invisible contributions of African-American same gender loving bisexual and trans people to the Black power movement and the Black community at large and the richness of their cultural experiences and presence as a whole. A transformative tool for academic study and educational presentations, Tapestries of Faith will have four sections rarely explored in mainstream “gay” life.

Tapestries of Faith is filled with poetry, essays and prose that intends to sooth the heart and reawaken the spirit. Anthology contributors represent a wide range of artists ranging from journalists, photographers, performance artists, playwrights and more. Among them are the distinguished C. Jerome Woods, DRED, Claudia Moss, Queen Hollins, KAUTION, Ennis Jackson, Katrina Arango, Bey Celeste and many others.

Tapestries of Faith: Black SGLBT Stories of Triumph, Family, Love & Healing (Edited by Jeffrey King, Ifalade ta’Shia Asanti, Azaan Kamau) is available through Glover Lane Press website and on and through the co-editor’s web sites. Please visit for more information.

Paperback: 194 pages

Publisher: Glover Lane Press (June 21, 2011)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0615497632

ISBN-13: 978-0615497631

Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.4 inches


SOTS Books 2 Check Out

Looking for a good book? Here’s a round-up of a few books you should check out:

Accept the Unexpected  by L. Cherelle – Keleya Smith thought she had the ultimate catch with Kris, but their four-year relationship is destroyed with one night of deceit. Their breakup forces Keleya to come to a discomforting realization: she is unfulfilled, often seeking refuge in her hobby, family, and friends. Despite the emotional damage, Keleya remains loyal to love. So when fate drops someone new at her doorstep, she transfers the yearning for intimacy, respect, and friendship to Jordan an attractive native of Philadelphia. This newfound relationship with Jordan catches Keleya by surprise and tests her looming desire for Kris. But when her feelings for Jordan transform into more than casual dating, her faith in authentic relationships is challenged by an unforeseen circumstance. In the struggle to manage trust and vulnerability, Keleya finds herself caught in a whirlwind of old loves and new possibilities.

On top of romantic woes, Keleya has to navigate relationships with her best friend, JaCola, and immediate family members. Now, more than ever, she is at odds with her gossiping sister, Nkosazana, and pained by the broken relationship with her father. Over the course of a year, Keleya has to face some shocking truths. But in the end, she finds solace in her love life and herself.

Dreaming in Color by Fiona Zedde Lewis – Carlene (Cee-Cee) has come to the U.S. from Jamaica to join her mother, who has been working for two years to bring her daughter to join her. But excited as Carlene is to be reunited with her beloved mother, she finds life in her new country daunting. She misses her island home and the father she left behind.

High school is a difficult territory to navigate for many teens – bullying, mean girls, jock/thug boys, and just the normal daily stresses of trying to succeed in classes can present awesome challenges. When a group of mean girls led by one of the most popular girls in the school targets Carlene, taunting her for her accent and her skin color, she turns to art as a refuge. Problems with her mother, who reveals a secret Cee-Cee is not prepared for, just adds to her feelings of isolation.

Then Carlene meets Greg, another teen from Jamaica. They bond over their shared feelings of dislocation and their inability to fit in. But a big party where the popular kids get extreme, plus a series of conflicts lead to tragic consequences. Carlene must decide what to do next.

From Where We Sit edited by Victoria Brownworth – In this innovative collection, 13 established and emerging African-American writers present a range of compelling and provocative stories. One of America’s best-known African-American writers, Jewelle Gomez, acclaimed author of The Gilda Stories, offers a new episode in her historic series. Harlem native and award-winning writer Mecca Jamilah Sullivan, romance writer Anne Shade, short-story stylist Craig L. Gidney, actress and playwright Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti, noted children’s author Becky Birtha, and award-winning novelist Fiona Lewis each explore what it means to be black in America today as well as in America’s historic past, addressing issues not only of race, but also of class, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. Filmmaker Lowell Boston details the multi-faceted complexities of racism in America for young black men, while emerging writers Lisa R. Nelson, Guillaume Stewart, Misty Sol, kahlil almustafa, and Quincy Scott Jones take on different aspects of urban life: Nelson presents a young girl who wants to escape her middle-class neighborhood, Stewart writes provocatively about missing fathers in black America, Sol explores the impact of gun violence and no-snitch rules, almustafa details the day-to-day suspicion young black men face, and Jones places a young black man in white academe in a dazzling display of wordplay. This exciting collection combines a wide range of dynamic characters, divergent styles, and compelling issues that will appeal to all ages and which belongs in every American library.

If You Love Me, Come by Claudia Moss – Frenonia “Free” Roberts leads an idyllic life, if you ask her baby sister Rhonda, her best friend Sharmayne and others looking in on her glamorous, Buppie existence in Atlanta, where she high-steps it through her days as a young entrepreneur, the owner of TheWeAreFamily Bookstore and Coffeeshop. She is the apple of her mother’s eye, a heavy hitter for the city’s National Black Arts Festival, founder of the esteemed Daughters of Isis Book Club and the flame in J.T.’s heart.

Then one evening Free closes the bookstore and bows to the whim of a supernatural breeze guiding her Mercedes towards Techwood Homes, a throwaway neighborhood off her normal route back to the suburbs. She has no warning that a simple turn in the road will catapult her into a devastating, downward spiral to a place she’s never known….until now.

In turmoil, Free watches as worlds collide and hearts weep. Used to being the epitome of control, she learns to surrender to an unseen power moving for her good, even when she craves little more than an endless night. Meanwhile, the people closest to Free can’t stay her inevitable plunge; they’re too busy handling their own dilemmas: treading water, battling demons and stumbling through their own mazes. How is Free to know a stranger with the South in her mouth will be the saving grace she and the others (Rhonda, Sharmayne, Pinky, Pastoria and J.T.) will need to lead them back to love?

Sappho International by Max.Amillion – Sappho International is a worldwide entertainment company that caters to the women-who-love-women-only secret society, the Sapphic Trust. The Sapphic Trust was originated by Sappho in 600 BC. And due to its high profile and secretive nature, it has contracted Sappho International to arrange parties and pleasure for the jet-setting femmes and studs of the organization in exchange for riches, glitz and glamour. The Trust invites us to take a peak behind its veil and explore its organization, as we view it through the eyes of its newly-inducted androgynous lesbian, Max Silk, and we experience the uninhibited thrill ride of her mind-blowing ascension within Sappho International.

Scorpio Rising: A Poetic Taste of Erotica and Lesbian Sex by Ms. Scorpio”N”Scorpio Rising is an erotic poetry book, about love, fantasies, desires & some unusual behaviors in the world of Black Lesbian Sexuality & Sensuality.

Ms. Scorpio”N” has been writing poetry, since 1989. Before becoming Ms. Scorpio”N” she began doing spoken word in the early 90’s as the poet they called, “Verbal Kiss” Then in 2001 she took a hiatus for a number of years until she resurfaced in 2005 performing in Baltimore, MD as “Go-Go Ma” With her ever changing her style of poetry from “neo-soul” to “rebel with a cause” and now to being the lesbian poet with the magical tongue, Ms. Scorpio”N” has proven she is truly a “free spirit” Now Ms. Scorpio”N” has turned the page in poetry, literally, by writing her first book, Scorpio Rising, which is sure to make the readers squeezed those thighs tight just to conceal their arousal.

Stiletto by Katrina Arango and Azaan Kamau – From the authors of the national bestselling books Got Homophobia, In The Midst of My Blackness, STUD: Dispelling The Myths, The Femme Guide to Loving a Stud, The Lesbian Bad Girl: Why We Always Fall For Her and Endless Longings: 5 Short Stories To Intrigue You, brings us Stiletto! As a staunch teacher and revolutionary, Azaan Kamau’s writing has never been called erotic or romantic! For the first time ever, Azaan has written and published pieces that are not only erotic, they are downright sweltering, dangerous, volatile, and explosive. Once Azaan’s pal, business partner, and The Queen Lesbian Erotica, Katrina Arango, added her smoldering touch to the project with pieces like “Bad Boi”, “Femme to Femme”, “You Know”, “How Do I Want It”, and “Panties on the Wall”, Stiletto took a new sexual excitement!

We Love as You Do: Capturing the Strength of a Marginalized Community by Kim Rosenberry of SHEdriven Photography – 25 African-American Lesbians and couples share their heart-felt stories, poetry, loving words to their partner and discussion to about concerns in the gay community. Single mothers, interracial couples, young and middle-aged, all reveal through their lives they are no different, simply here to make a difference and Love as You Do.

Meet the women behind Ericka K. F. Simpson’s new novel, “Jazzy Ladies Productions”


Ericka K. F. Simpson, author of I Am Your Sister and Making Our Difference, has a new novel in the works, the exciting Jazzy Ladies Productions.

Jazzy Ladies Productions is the premiere lesbian organization that has entertained the GLBT community with events, parties and holiday celebrations for five years. The founders, Jazmyne and Karen, pride themselves in providing fun nightlife entertainment for the grown and sexy and their motto has become ‘Good friends and good business makes for a great life’. However, when the past they thought was dead and gone unexpectedly resurrects itself and threatens the empire they have built, they will do anything to lay it to rest for good…or bury themselves trying.

As the MC for the hottest lesbian organization in Middle Georgia, Logan is living the life she’s always dreamed about. Her networking and connections helped her to prove to her employers that she is well worth the investment. When offered an opportunity to move up in the organization, is Logan’s chance at making her own marks just a mirage in a dry desert? Will her inexperience allow an unknown competitor to come in and take away her one shot at being on top of the industry she help build?

Don’t forget to participate in the book review contest where you can win a $50 gift card. Full details at

Laurinda D. Brown’s Sometimes It Snows in Atlanta lands Sept. 2

“Is there a difference between overdosing and trying to commit suicide? Some think so…I know I do.”

Simon and Schuster/Strebor Books national best-selling author and playwright Laurinda D. Brown’s fourth theatrical production, “Sometimes It Snows in Atlanta,” addresses mental illness in both the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) and African-American communities. While society stigmatizes mental illness, these communities often suffer multiple stigmas inclusive of race, gender, and socioeconomic pressures. Homosexuality, in and of itself, is considered a taboo topic in the African-American community; however, mental illness is often given the same treatment.

In “Sometimes It Snows in Atlanta,” three couples – one lesbian, one gay and one transgender – confront issues associated with depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and anxiety. Once each of the couples arrives for therapy, it is discovered that there is more at issue than just mental illness.

Check out the dynamic performances in “Sometimes It Snows in Atlanta,” Friday, September 2, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. in The Rialto Center for the Arts. Red Carpet and VIP Reception begin at 6:30 p.m.