Open Call for Submissions for “Coming Out” Stories from Gay LGBT Africans


This an open call for submissions for “coming out” stories that will form part of an anthology on Gay LGBT African Coming out Stories. This anthology, entitled, “Africa coming out” will capture stories from across the continent. We hope that these stories will not only entertain us but also provide encouragement to us all, that we are not alone in the process.

We want our voices to be heard and our empowering presence to be felt.

We encourage all members of the community from all walks of life, to send in a submission and encourage all types of stories (happy, sad, painful, inspiring, or celebratory).

Submissions are accepted from LGBT individuals or family members of LGBT individuals.

Submission Guidelines:

-All submission must be in English.
-Stories should be between 1500-5000 words
-Reprints are ok as long as all rights remain with the author.
-Please make sure to complete the submission form and to answer all of the questions listed. The submission form can be found at

If you have any questions, you may email us at or visit

Submissions should be sent via email to All submissions must be received on or before 15th January 2012 at noon.