SOTS Books 2 Check Out – January 2012

Looking for a good book? Here’s a round-up of a few books you should check out:

30-Day Notice – Kai Mann

Kori Maitland leaves behind everything that matters to find herself. In her search she travels from the east coast to the Midwest to find the love of her life. At least, that’s what she believes. After moving across the country and a five year relationship with Layla Bradford, Kori is given a 30 day notice. Although Kori didn’t believe that Layla would leave, she does and Kori is left with the challenges of dealing with a broken heart, being left on the west coast, and permanent employment. As Kori struggles to get her life back together she realizes that Layla’s 30 day notice was not the first one she had ever received. Kori deals with all the notices as she looks back over the past five years of the relationship. As she tries to mend her broken heart she travels back to the Midwest to find a job and to hopefully start a business. It isn’t until Kori gets back to the Midwest that the betrayal from old friends turns her world upside down. Kori finds herself faced with eviction, an accident, a cheating lover, and her past.

Can Kori find who she is without losing herself along the way? Or will she succumb to the trials in life without reaching her intended goal?

Bi-Curious – Natalie Weber

Young, sexually curious Serenity has always desired both men and women, so when she heads to college in Washington, D.C., she’s excited to explore her own carnal limits when she hooks up with Sadie Smith. But soon her life will change forever. Brand new is this dangerous and exciting underworld Sadie initiates Serenity into, with all its sex and secrets, and Serenity can’t help but become further entangled in Sadie’s seductive web. But eventually, Sadie’s obsession begins to fully envelop Serenity…and it looks like she’ll never find a way to escape her lover’s clutches. Well, there might be one way out. And as

Serenity gets further pulled into Sadie’s world of deceit, lies and danger, it may just be her only way out….

Dilemma –K. Elliot

Tremaine is good for Natalie—well at least on paper—but Natalie has a secret. She craves women and it’s become a feeling she can’t resist.

Natalie meets Jaharie, a beautiful biracial woman, who wants a relationship with a man or a woman. Love is the only thing that matters to her. Natalie is thoroughly intrigued with Jaharie. She wants her, but being with a woman full-time isn’t what Natalie has in her plans and she knows her mother will never approve. She wants a husband, children—a ‘normal’ life—and is on track to acquiring this.

She plans to keep Jaharie a secret until she meets Tamala, a powerful, successful attorney and very attractive lesbian who wants to take Natalie away from both Jaharie and Tremaine. Tamala has the savvy and financial power to woo Natalie right into her arms. Their relationship works for a while, until a past lover of Tamala’s vows to kill Natalie if she doesn’t stop seeing her. Natalie fears Tamala’s deranged lover but doesn’t leave until she learns a huge secret of hers.

Dilemma is a fast paced novel that will keep you intrigued and surprised.

Jazzy Ladies Productions: Nothing is as Sweet as it Looks – Ericka K. F. Simpson

Jazzy Ladies Productions is the premiere lesbian organization that has entertained the LGBT community with events, parties and holiday celebrations for five years in middle Georgia.

The founders Jazmyne and Karen Galloway, pride themselves in providing fun nightlife entertainment for the grown and sexy into their motto ‘Good friends and good business makes for a great life’.However; when the past they thought was dead and gone unexpectedly resurrects itself and threatens the empire they have built, they will do anything to lay it to rest for good…or bury themselves trying.

Letting Go…Almost A Trilogy of Alternative Short Stories – D Monica Cooper

D Monica Cooper’s novel depicts three stories of lesbian life. In Letting Go, Dylan’s life has never been what some would call “a good life.” With no family, she depended on her girlfriend Skylar to fill that void she’d been carrying around for so long. The only problem with that was Sky was controlling, a cheat, and abusive. In Till Death do Us Part, Martel is that woman that never thinks about how she’s going to get the woman she wants. She has more than enough charming ways to get her. Martel’s only problem is she’s never falling for a woman and let her live. And in Almost, life for Asilia Robinson was simple…until she met Kai Williams. A nice body, charming smile, and a mesmerizing pair of eyes, Kai was definitely a 20 on any girl’s scale of 10, and Asilia instantly finds herself infatuated. Asilia has never fallen for a woman before and finds all the extra emotions rather overwhelming at times especially when Kai acts nonchalant towards their intimate moments. The second problem is Asilia’s boyfriend, Bilal.

Lick – Shonda

-to pass the tongue over the surface of, as to moisten, stroke, taste, or eat;
-a sudden hard blow;
-to get the better of; to defeat; to conquer;
-slang: to commit robbery.

Jazmine Rice is overweight and she has an abusive boyfriend.

Angel Black just got out of prison. She’s tired of her former lifestyle and just wants to start from scratch.

Jazmine and Angel are from different walks of life, but their paths are very similar. When their worlds collide, Jazmine and Angel must decide whether they want to continue walking alone or if they’d rather have someone walking by her side.

Life, Love & Lust 2011 – LM Inc.

The newest Anthology from LM Inc. Life, Love & Lust 2011! Lesbian coming out, staying in and living the life stories…find yours inside. Featuring 24 authors, some new, some old, all sharing their tales of life, love and lust.

Love Magic – Katrina Arango

Love spells? Dancing nude under the moon? Seductive secrets passed down through the generations? Wild orgies on the Bayou? Erotic mind control? Were all of the rumors true? Margene Lacroix is a modern day psychic, the descendent of one of the great, legendary Creole women of New Orleans. Blessed with natural, magnetizing beauty, Margene is the object of desire of many. She’s nicknamed “the good witch” by the locals, who seek her advice for on everything from love and finances to good luck and healing. Margene’s fan base of adoring women finds her irresistible. But with her sights set on a new love, she falls hard and fast. At first she’s happy. Soon she finds herself deeply entrenched in a world where uninhibited passions run wild, and she can have anybody she wants. Margene Lacroix discovers a new power within her, and uses it in ways she’d never dreamed of! A cross between “Charmed” and “Big Love” this novel promises to keep you spellbound…

Also check out Spellbound: Sexy Secrets Of A Creole Seductress, the companion handbook to Love Magic filled with authentic New Orleans secrets passed down for attraction, beauty and charm. You’ll want to keep this book on your bedroom dresser for quick references to recipes to make your own oils, perfumes and powders to make yourself as alluring as possible! Be the bewitching beauty no one can resist by learning the tricks and rarely shared knowledge known to Creole beauties for over a century! Exotic secrets, love & glamour spells, sensually inspired baths and other beauty enhancing hidden truths can now be yours with Spellbound!

The Pussycats – Lexy Harper (E-book)

This is a compilation of girl-on-girl stories. They are not strictly lesbian erotica – they are more stories of women making love to each other.

Still Strapped – Sharon D. Smith

Still Strapped takes a much more intimate look at stud-on-stud, or S4S, relationships in the Black GLBT community. In addition to a fast-paced storyline that picks up from the first novel, Still Strapped includes an interview with an S4S lesbian who spoke very candidly about her experiences and the challenges she has faced simply by being herself and living in truth.

Strapped, which is told from the perspective of one of the main characters, Taz, discusses S4S relationships from a “newbie’s” perspective. Still Strapped, on the other hand, is told from Silk’s point of view. Silk, who is Taz’s boifriend, has been entrenched in the world of S4S relationships for many years and continues to find herself caught up in lesbian drama as things from her past are rekindled.

Sweeter Than the Honey – LaShanda Michelle

Kamilah Wright has a lot on her shoulders for someone entering their senior year of high school. Not only does her mom expect her to raise the other seven children in their home, but she’s also required to turn a blind eye to her father’s infidelity, as well as maintain a perfect 4.0 GPA in order to get the academic scholarship she desperately needs to attend college. To complicate matters even more, she’s also a rape victim. The only person she’s told is her best friend, Eric, whom she’s secretly in love with. Through all of this Kamilah convinces herself that she has everything under control.

That is until she meets Summer Freeman. The beautiful new girl at school, Summer introduces Kamilah to a lifestyle that she’s never known, including fashion, luxury, and alternative viewpoints that conflict with her Christian upbringing. Pretty soon the love she has for her new friend evolves into something more, and Kamilah has to prove which love she will devoteherself to. Will she stay in the same sex relationship that feels so right, or will she embrace the faith she didn’t know meant so much to her?

Taka II – Tyberia Blaqk

Foxy Brown plus Cleopatra Jones equals Taka Denisho, a New Jersey Special Operations Detective. She’s still holding her crown and reigning over her city, Mudd City! Her juggling act consists of marrying her lesbian lover Mikki, the former girlfriend of drug lord Dyshun and parenting an orphan, Miles. Things continue to heat up in the second installment of this urban tale.