Get Books From Blogger-Turned-Novelist Alix B. Golden

If you’re familiar with author Alix B. Golden and her long-running blog, A Brown Girl Gone Gay, you’ve read about her reflective and humorous life.

Now, you can read her novels! Alix has three novels to be released — Midtown; Girl, Shattered; and Girl in the Mirror. now.

Available now on Kindle for $2.99, Midtown is the center of everything gay in Atlanta, GA. Friends from FAMU live together, work together, and sleep together. Ed has a pretty girlfriend, works for herself, and has plenty of love in her life. She floats on Cloud 9, until she catches her girlfriend cheating. Ashley can’t turn down the opportunity to bail a friend out of a tough spot. What will her friends think about her newly discovered sexuality? And what will one friend think when she confesses her love? What happens when same-sex loving friends co-habitat? Visit Midtown and find out!

Available August 2012, Girl, Shattered is about Christen Calhoun is an artist trapped in heterosexual corporate America. Her only vice is her love for women. Admittedly having a thing for “lame birds,” Christen holds on tight to her heart when she meets Alicia.

Alicia, a poetic New Yorker with a heart wrenching story she isn’t afraid to share, takes one look at Christen and claims her as her own. When she reveals to Christen her drug dealing past, will she lose Christen?

Christen struggles to remain true to the girl in the mirror. What happens when the mirror is shattered? In Girl, Shattered you’re introduced to Christen Calhoun. Her story continues in Girl in the Mirror.

Girl in the Mirror continues Cristen Calhoun’s story. All Christen Calhoun really wants is to be a successful photographer, love a beautiful woman, and make her father proud, but easier said than done.

Her inability to decipher lust from love often leaves her sexually satiated, but emotionally bereft. When her soul is drained, as well as her bank account, will she take the advice of her father, Pops Calhoun, and find a good man?

Alix is accepting preorders for a signed copy at a discounted rate of $10 if ordered before September 1. Pre-order at


Dahni McPhail’s My Girl Is Your Girlfriend (And His Too!?!) available now

Remember Dahni McPhail’s Two and a Possible? Well, get ready to read My Girl Is Your Girlfriend (And His Too!?!), a revision of Two And A Possible with 67 added pages, more action and adventure, as well as a male love interest.

Here’s the synopsis:

A homophobic woman who is at first unaware of, then later, in denial about her true desires follows her sister into the military and from that moment, has various encounters with women that involve friendship, camaraderie, love and chaos all leading to a shocking conclusion. My Girl Is Your Girlfriend is written entirely from the viewpoint of a young woman and is an emotional first person account full of dialogue that is true to the characters and their situations. The language is contemporary, raw and unapologetic. This is not just another military story. This is true to life fiction and a real and personal representation of young Dahni McPhail finding her self, experiencing the reality and dangers of obsession as well as life threatening circumstances evolving from toxic relationships and love gone mad.

My Girl Is Your Girlfriend (And His Too!?!) is available is now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Sistahs Sizzlin’ Read: Eve’s Apples Pricilla’s Dance


Give a brief description of your novel, Eve’s Apples Pricilla’s Dance.
Eve’s Apples is a series about a group of African-American friends and all the drama, success and heartache they go through. All of my characters are friends, frienemies, couples, and most of all their family.  The first story I wanted to tell relates to cheating and betrayal which I know anyone can relate to. My character, Pricilla, has dreams of being a choreographer she has been in music videos, works as a dance teacher, a beautician she’s always on her grind. Fate at an engagement party, she meets and starts dating Sunny, a DJ that just moved back from New York. Trust, alcoholism, and cheating leaves Pricilla devastated that she has to end things with Sunny. Pricilla ends up meeting Simone – a smooth talker, fun, and understanding, she’s perfect – but her job keeps her away. Weeks go by, and Sunny comes back into Pricilla’s life sober and ready to make [her] her wife and stop playing games, Pricilla loves and forgives Sunny and takes her back. At her new home things seem complete, and she has a listening party for her friend and guests start to arrive. Pricilla gets a big surprise from Simone when she comes to the party and is good friends with Sunny, her wife to be. Pricilla hasn’t told Sunny anything about her hookup and Pricilla finds herself in a terrible situation.

Why should readers pick up your book?
To be entertained, to disappear into this world I created for while. I want people to look forward to this book every year and can’t wait to see what my characters are up to. I want people to enjoy my writing and be one of their favorite authors. Readers should pick up this book to understand mistakes are made in life and how to take something you love and enjoy to get you up and through the hard times. Life is never over especially if you have friends, family and dreams life is never over especially over a mistake. If you pick up this book you will be pleased at the end and want more which you can always find on my blog for snippets of other stories to come.

What are you working next?
Eve’s Apple 2 Drama Karma Peace, Adrianne has hopes of becoming a paramedic. She’s a beautiful liar and player that plays another good stud Isis for Katrina, who’s traveled from Atlanta to make Adrianne hers and hers only. Adrianne ends up in an abusive relationship with broken friendships and deceased family; she has no one to turn to, the only person that can save her is herself. I believe that physical and mental abusive is a topic not taken seriously or talked about in the lesbian community; I hope that this starts some conversations. Forbidden Fruit are short stories about relationships that are wrong and don’t wanna be right. In addition, another poetry book, everything, will be out February 14, 2013.

What are your summer plans?
In my summer plans, my writing is number one. I’m working on Eve’s Apple 2 and Forbidden Fruit, and some other surprises on my blog. Re-launch my blog and Facebook page. I’ve been writing a lot of poetry lately on my phone, so another poetry book will be out soon; the first one is called Life’s a Motherfucka, and it’s out now. I believe the title tells you everything, and more on what it’s about: I was in a certain place in life when I wrote LAM. I still like throwing my anger into my poems, but now I’m into exploring the love and pleasure I feel before the anger….but don’t worry there will always be anger in my poetry *lol*. Working out and getting more into fitness. I think being healthy is very important and you only get one body, so treat it right.

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Sistahs Sizzlin’ Read: Fantasies, Sex, Lies and Love


Give a brief description of your novel, Fantasies, Sex, Lies and Love.
My debut book Fantasies, Sex, Lies, & Love… Chronicles of the Heart and Mind is a collection of short stories and poems. All of them are lesbian based and are about erotica, love, lust, fantasies and or relationships. The scenes will leave your heart pounding and mind racing. They will make you want more and more. They will make you fantasize about new ways of romance and energize your mind! However, this book has been said to not be for the bashful or timid so when you open it hold on to your seat!!! LOL

Why should readers pick up your book?
I believe readers should pick up my book because it is exciting and everyone will be able to find at least one or more stories that you as the reader can relate to. Not to mention it’s far from anything you have ever read before!

What are you working next?
Right now, I am in the finishing stages of my first full novel titled To Love With the Heart. It is scheduled to be published mid July 2012. I am also working on several other projects, one will be based loosely on my life.

What are your summer plans?
This summer I plan on finishing my novel I previously mentioned and take a few classes to enhance my craft of writing.

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Sistahs Sizzlin’ Read: Girl: A Story for Every Les Being


Give a brief description of your novel, Girl: A Story for Every Les Being.
Girl: A Story for every Les Being is basically a book about lesbians from all walks of life placed in crazy situations, some have dramatic outcomes and others happy cheesy endings.

Why should readers pick up your book?
Readers should pick up this book because it’s funny, it will make you angry, it will make you cry, and you never know what’s going to happen next. It’s just really great entertainment. There is something in there that anyone can relate to gay or straight.

What are you working next?
My plate is actually pretty full. Right now I am working on a lesbian erotica book called Intermission: Femme Vs. Stud, two sequels (The Replacement Man II and Beneath the Surface) to two other books I have out right now (The Replacement Man and Among Us), a book that is not LGBTQ related, and a magazine called The Link.

What are your summer plans?
I never really make summer plans because I’m not a big fan of heat. I’m sure I’ll just be laying around, drinking lots of water, doing lots of writing, and spending time with my spouse and family.

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