New Books Coming Soon!

Check out this list of new novels hitting shelves soon. All release dates are tentative.


A Million Thoughts Publishing

Release Date: September 30, 2012

Lipstick Dom combines the 2005 previously released novel Rainbow Heart and its never before release sequel, Trying to Hide a Rainbow. Read the Sistahs on the Shelf review of Rainbow Heart.


Urban Books

Release Date: October 30, 2012

The continuing saga of the My Woman His Wife series from Anna J. Read the Sistahs on the Shelf reviews of My Woman His Wife and The Aftermath.


Bold Strokes Books

Release Date: May 2013

Some mornings, Sara Chambers wakes in bed next to her girlfriend and her girlfriend’s lover wondering how she ended up there. Beautiful, successful, and a force to be reckoned with at her Atlanta law firm, Sara is still powerless in her attraction to the rebellious and reckless, Rille Thompson.

As college girlfriends, Sara and Rille’s relationship had been incendiary, burning away Sara’s innocence and self-respect even as it widened her world beyond her wildest imagination. Now, almost twenty years later, Rille still pushes Sara beyond her limits, bringing a third lover into their bed and domestic lives when their monogamy gets stale. The hold Rille has over Sara—and their new lover—becomes as powerful as it is dangerous. Can Sara pull herself free in time, or will her life turn to cinders in the wake of Rille’s powerful flame?


SOTS Books 2 Check Out – August 2012

Looking for a good book? Here’s a round-up of a few novels you should check out (the titles in pink are linked to where you can purchase the book):

21 Days to Crazy – Eunice Hargett
Reese Harris had been living the dream. She had just gotten tenure at Warford University, just bought her dream home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with her partner of almost five years, and was two weeks away from attending the party of all parties to celebrate those five years. There was no reason to suspect that her happiness would soon be destroyed. When her partner Angela decides she’s not happy and splits, Reese is left to pick up the pieces of her personal life without losing her professional one. Selena Castle enters Reese’s life like a breath of fresh air, new, exciting, full of possibilities. She also brings with her complications. Aside from being a former student, Selena is 21. When this innocent meeting turns into more, Reese Harris begins a journey that often feels crazy, often feels impossible, but must be taken. 21 Days to Crazy: “Sometimes you have to go back, before you can move on.”

Closet Space – T’Ego
Mathematics teacher Monika Lewis is your typical woman of 20-something. She is attempting to live her American Dream; marriage, 2.3 children, a dog, and that white picket fence. Though she seems happily engaged in her relationship with Glen, she still has her secrets; one of them being an active love affair with her co-worker, Ms. Jasmin. A story of unintended deception and untruths, this Art Novel is sure to captivate your passions, as well as, your senses.

High – On Love & Addiction – April Joy Bowden and Jeanie “Rainbow” Bell
High – On Love & Addiction follows the relationship between two women. During the relationship, it is discovered that one of the women is addicted to crack cocaine. After years of dealing with the addiction, April runs away to another state. When tragedy occurs, it brings the two back together. The book chronicles the ups and downs of the relationship and Jeanie’s struggle to get clean.

Invisible Families: Gay Identities, Relationships, and Motherhood Among Black Women – Mignon Moore
Mignon R. Moore brings to light the family life of a group that has been largely invisible–gay women of color–in a book that challenges long-standing ideas about racial identity, family formation, and motherhood. Drawing from interviews and surveys of one hundred black gay women in New York City, Invisible Families explores the ways that race and class have influenced how these women understand their sexual orientation, find partners, and form families. In particular, the study looks at the ways in which the past experiences of women who came of age in the 1960s and 1970s shape their thinking, and have structured their lives in communities that are not always accepting of their openly gay status. Overturning generalizations about lesbian families derived largely from research focused on white, middle-class feminists, Invisible Families reveals experiences within black American and Caribbean communities as it asks how people with multiple stigmatized identities imagine and construct an individual and collective sense of self.

It Can Happen To You – Phette Ogburn
The first installment in the It Can Happen To You series features the three short stories: S & M: Sexts & Messaging, The ID and Organized Karma. Come follow Sabra, Nya and LaTrease on their journeys as they cope with issues of loneliness, lust, sex, betrayal, deceit and love.

Lion’s Den – Azure
Chaz struggles with her sexual appetite and self-esteem coming from a religious background in a small town. Her love for basketball got her to the big city, and this is where she quickly learns the ins and outs of being a grown woman.

Going through the motions of finding out who she is, this life leads her to sex, drugs, and deceit. Chaz soon learns just how corrupt this game is.

Love Or Obsession A Woman’s Touch – Brooklyn Phoenix
Enter the Kamikaze world of Dr. Anniyah Williams, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Annaiyah has realized her dreams of becoming a partner in a prestigious pediatric practice in New York, NY.

After discovering that her husband to-be led a separate life, she tries to pick up the pieces of her life for the sake of her children.

Upon running into her childhood best friend “Zale” Annaiyah turns to her for emotional support, leading to unanswered feelings. Giving in to those feelings and turning her back on the world, she offers Zale the life she that she claimed she desperately wanted, only to discover that Zale has a “Pandora’s Box” of her own.

“Are you gay if you are only attracted to “one” person of the same sex?”

“Is a same sex relationship any different or easier than a heterosexual relationship?

The Nikki DaVinci Code: A Collection of Poetry and Prose – Shanica L Stewart
A torrid journey through the alleys between love and lust make for a poetry/prose collection worth getting lost in. Nikki DaVinci’s debut collection invites you to take off your shoes and fall under the spell of her erotic wordplay.

Once and Future Lovers – Sheree L. Greer
A busted bicycle mocks a broken heart, a magical mirror struggles to sustain an interracial fantasy, a teenage girl discovers the truth about desire in the heft of her grandmother’s breast, understanding parenthood as the daughter of a sometimes father. These are the stories hearts tell. Once and Future Lovers illuminates these and other tales by shining a light on the critical moments in which men and women take the great risk that is loving. In this provocative collection of short fiction, characters grapple with the courage it takes to love once while discovering the inherent challenge put to all lovers: embracing or denying the possibility of loving again, and again.

the other – amir

Internal issues run deep… the battle with self is never-ending…

He’s old fashioned with a modern twist. Tyrell believes in spoiling his woman and making sure all her wants and desires are fulfilled but by his terms.

Jewel has done a total revamp of her life since college. She controls everything in her life, except her emotions. She falls for Kyree, who lives a double life, dating two women at once and promising Jewel the world, yet causing nothing but heartache for her. Until she meets Max, the breath of fresh air she was looking for, but Max’s dark past sneaks back up on her unexpectedly.

Alex is a writer, looking for his big break. He also used to be a girl. Going through the mental, physical, and emotional trials of transition, he has worked hard to erase every part of his past. He lives a life similar to his work; poetic and original, and has had his share of women, but under the surface he battles within to find peace with his decisions or perish on a journey…

Groundbreaking Anthology Gives Voice to the Lives, Rights and Issues of Bullying Victims in America

Editors Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti and Azaan Kamau are proud to announce the publication of the most highly anticipated anthologies of the decade. Letters to My Bully published by Glover Lane Press arrives to bookstores and on-line markets on August 15, 2012.

Why a Letter to My Bully?

Every day in America, 160,000 students miss school due to bullying. According to reports by the Secret Service, two-thirds of school shootings are motivated by bullying. A whopping 43% of middle school children avoid the bathroom and locker rooms at all costs due to certainty of being bullied. And finally, the number one reason for suicides among youth ages 11-16 is bullying.

Glover Lane Press’ historical anthology, Letters to My Bully, not only gives victims of bullying an outlet to express the impact of bullying in their lives, contributors speak on solutions to the problem and offer healing advice to survivors. Letters to My Bully is a thought-provoking collection of letters, poetry and essays written by youth, women, men, seniors and celebrities that will change the way this country views survivors forever.

“As a survivor of bullying, I wanted to do a project that would not only help victims heal but would help to educate the masses on how serious this issue is,” says Glover Lane Press publisher, Azaan Kamau. “I define bullying as abuse, mistreatment, torment and harassment by peers, classmates, neighbors, the congregation, siblings, parents, boyfriend, your spouse, etc. This is an issue that America must make a priority as it relates to social justice and peace movements.”

Co-editor Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti says, “Letters to My Bully is an excellent tool for ministers, teachers, community leaders, parents, teens and youth to educate those around them about the dangers of bullying. Until everybody, everywhere is addressing this issue in some form, it will continue to plague our great nation.”

Letters to My Bully includes contributions by CSI Miami Actor Robert LaSardo and Huffington Post writer Kergan Edwards-Stout, as well as more than a dozen other best-selling, nationally celebrated writers. There are also pieces written by child survivors and senior citizens.

Letters to My Bully is proud to be supported by national Peace Partners who have committed to ensuring the message of this anthology will reach the masses.

Letters to My Bully edited by Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti, Azaan Kamau and published by Glover Lane releases August 15, 2012.

Purchase Letters to My Bully at: (uploads on Kindle)

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Become a Peace Partner by inviting the editors and select authors from Letters to My Bully to your venue for a community dialogue, book signing or Peace Party. Join our Peace Movement on Facebook under to My Bully Anthology.

Sistahs on the Shelf featured in reSOUND magazine!

Sistahs on the Shelf is featured in the latest issue of reSOUND magazine. reSOUND is a quarterly online and print publication for Black lesbians and allies of the community and cause featuring women in differing stages of their careers, relationships, and development.

The article discusses the history of SOTS and plans for its future, as well as fun facts about the SOTS founder, Rena.

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