SOTS Books 2 Check Out – December 2012

Looking for something new to read? Here’s a round-up of a few novels you should check out (the titles in pink are linked to Amazon, but some are available for purchase at Barnes & Noble and other websites, as well):

The Best of Friends Can Be Lovers – Vickey Simmons

A chance meeting in an on the job training class is the genesis of a friendship that gained momentum over the years. They were with each other through good times and bad. Through a string of fortunate events, they find themselves as the best of friends on the brink of so much more.

FeMail: The Lesbian Letters – T’mara
If someone were to read your mail, what would it reveal about you?

FeMail is a peek into the private lives of 12 lesbian women; a snapshot of their lives at a moment in time when it was necessary to abandon verbal communication and take pen to paper or manicured fingers to keyboard. With their correspondence, each woman gives a unique unfiltered look into everyday lesbian life, the life of any woman. One closing the door on the past before stepping into her ideal life, one explaining why those three little words will never be uttered from her lips, and one seeking a solution when self-pleasure becomes obsession.

Which one of the 12 letters could have been written by you?

Lesbian: Come Walk With Me – Talisha Mallory
Meet Desire, a 34 year-old mother of two children who grew up in the hood, but made it out once she went to college and then worked her way to the top. Desire opened up a small law firm in the heart of Chicago. She has run into countless men that were shit for brains. So she turned to the one lifestyle she has always been curious about. Desire, on the verge of curiosity, then meets Shania in a shopping mall, and everything is Gucci until that one faithful day when Tiffany, Shania’s ex-girlfriend, shows up. Let’s let this story unfold as you take a walk with me thru the mind of the curious….

Lost Love Found (London’s Burning) – Shanayah Tailor
Aidria Watson is deeply in love with her best friend. For seven long years she’s kept that fact close to her heart out of fear that Sharon may not feel the same way and she ends up losing her.

Sharon Mitchell was sure that marrying and settling down would cure her of her love for her best friend, Aidria, but being in a loveless marriage only left her feeling hopeless. She was determined to be true to her vows and tried to bury her love for Aidria deep inside her.

Although both women had decided to go on without telling each other of their love and preserve their friendship, fate had other plans for them. Will they be ready this time to step through the door of opportunity when it opens for them?

Playing Games – Kendra Spencer
Playing Games is a lesbian love triangle in which Ronnie a stud is caught between love and lust. On one hand she has a young feisty fem by the name of Kenni. On the other hand, lust from a beautiful older woman is throwing itself in the most provocative way possible at Ronnie. What’s a young stud to do but play the game and see who wins?

The Preludes – Ninamaste MaTuri
The Preludes is the first book written by Ninamaste MaTuri. It is a collection of three short stories that provide a sneak peek into the early years of Melanie, Adrianna, and Nicole. The book is about how each one learned how to understand and navigate the world around them by way of manipulation, fantasy, and reality.

Melanie discovers a way to keep her sassy and abhorrent cousin in check.

Adrianna finds a way of dealing with the tragic loss of her mother and how to accept the inevitable — change.

Nicole lives with her mother’s unhappiness and it encourages her to be true and honest with herself.

The Preludes sets the stage for what is to come in a collection of books that follow Melanie, Adrianna, and Nicole throughout their adolescent and adult years.

Return to Me: A Remi/Claudia Story – Fiona Zedde
Rémi and Claudia have been together for over two years. During that time, their families have grown to accept what the twenty-nine year old reformed player and her fifty year old lover mean to each other. But a ghost from Rémi’s past rises up to threaten what the two women have found together.

Can they put these demons to rest or will their love scatter like ashes to the four winds?

Rose from the Bayou – Teryn Williams
Rose from the Bayou is a novel centered in New Orleans during the 1990’s. It is a dark and unthinkable tale of friendship between Scarlet Rose Laveau and Koral Baptiste. This sinister journey between two young and beautiful women spirals out of control in an inconceivable way. Hold on to the edge of your mind as Scarlet and Koral create a web of love, lies, and the ultimate betrayal.

Is there such a thing as unconditional love? Find out as these two tests the depths of the true meaning.