SOTS Books 2 Check Out – February 2013


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Looking for something new to read? Here’s a round-up of a few novels you should check out (the titles in pink are linked to Amazon, but some are available for purchase at Barnes & Noble and other websites, as well):

Beloved Sisters and Loving Friends: Letters from Rebecca Primus of Royal Oak, Maryland, and Addie Brown of Hartford, Connecticut, 1854-1868 – Farah Jasmine Griffin (Editor)
Rebecca Primus was the daughter of a prominent black Connecticut family who was sent south during Reconstruction by the Hartford Freedmen’s Aid Society to teach newly freed slaves. Addie Brown was a domestic servant in Connecticut and New York City – as well as Rebecca’s best friend and romantic companion. These two spirited, intelligent women wrote letters in this astonishing, historically priceless volume. Beloved Sisters and Loving Friends breaks the long silence surrounding the lives of black women in America and reveals an amazing world until now unknown.

“I have today put my second class into the third Reader,” wrote Rebecca from the school in Maryland’s Eastern Shore that was later to bear her name. “I hear the President Johnson expect to be in Hartford the 26th,” exclaimed Addie. “I wish some of them present him with a ball through his head.”

Shared passion, ambitions, frustrations, politics, gossip, all the fascinating minutiae of daily life, give these unique letters extraordinary flavor and richness–and offer us an unprecedented piece of American history.

Codename: Viper – Jaden
Who is the Viper?

Agent Adanna Taylor, known only to those in her field as “The Viper,” is an elite government assassin working for the CIA’s covert intelligence network called, “The Agency.”

Adanna has just completed a six-month assignment overseas and can’t wait to get back into the arms of her girlfriend Brenda. However, it is not long before she gets called back into the field. Her quality time with Brenda is cut short when she gets an emergency message from Daniel Jamerson, her boss, and he orders her to go to Miami, Florida and locate government informant Patrick Collins.

Collins has been targeted for elimination by the terrorist organization La Pesta Negra. Still not wanting to take the assignment, Adanna changes her mind when finding out that Deso Alomar, the man she holds responsible for killing her former lover, Elena, is involved.

Faced with an opportunity for revenge, Adanna agrees to go to Miami. She soon discovers her line of work is hitting too close to home and is a serious threat to her personal life. This means that the people she cares about most may pay the ultimate price. Quick, precise, cold-blooded, and deadly… this is The Viper. Normally this equation equals death, but her perspective changes when matters of the heart and loyalty become more important.

Will the Viper complete her Mission or save the ones she loves?

The D in Drama – Christiana Harrell
Short story turned novel, The D in Drama is the popular tale from Girl: A Story for Every Les Being of Rose Anderson, a flawless model type chick who is used to having her way and getting everything that she wants all from her looks alone and Sasha “Snapps” Adams, the “most wanted” pretty-boy stud with charm for days and has had girls falling at her feet since the day she stepped out of the closet and labeled herself a stud. Rose knows exactly what she wants and who she wants until some unfortunate incidents in her life throw her off her path. Snapps vows to be her knight in shining armor wanting nothing more than to protect her from herself, but Snapps learns all too soon that she just may be doing too much. Get the whole story and see what happens when jealousy, betrayal, and heartache are mixed. It’s a new tale of misery loves company.

First Breath – Robin G. White
Divided in six sections, First Breath begins with mildly sexual and heavily romantic poetry and prose in Sighs and Inhalations respectively and smolders on in the same format through Exhalations and Gasps. In the fifth section, White fully ventures into the world of BDSM and heavy gender role play. The section is true to its title, Breathless, and is not for the faint of heart. It will leave readers burning and fanning flames for oxygen.

The final section, Pranayama, is one final sweet, romantic romp about rekindling love when it is nearly lost. Because at the end of the day it is the moments that take your breath away that bring us the greatest joys and finding that one true love that is the vital air of life.

First Taste: Kendra (True Colors Book One) – Portia M. Delaney
Working upwards of sixty hours every week with no semblance of a life otherwise, Kendra Holliday never expected to be bitten by the lust bug, especially for co-worker, Lea Jacobs.

After suddenly discovering a pulsating attraction, Lea challenges Kendra to loosen a few buttons and dive into the ultimate stress reliever: lots of hot, mind-numbing sex. Problem is, Kendra is a lifelong hetero and the reality of “dealing with” another female sends her running. Can she overcome her fears and embrace her true colors before the window of opportunity (and Lea’s legs) closes?

Warning: this book is meant for adults only. It contains explicit and plentiful sexual situations, language, thoughts, and deeds between two grown-ass women that many may find objectionable. It is erotica, so if you don’t enjoy stories where approximately 70% of it is, well…erotic, you may object to its contents. Of course you might be tempted to try it anyway.

First Taste is the 12,500 word-count first installment of the True Colors series although it can serve as a stand-alone title. This title also creates a level of steam that will require subsequent extinguishment by either a handheld device or an enthusiastic partner, so please have either or both available – you’ve been warned.

Gilding the L.I.L.L.(y) – T. Jurrette
Nicolas is on top of the world personally and professionally, Camille is a woman trying to get there. The interwoven threads of their personal and professional relationships appear to be seamless, yet are rapidly unraveling. Family and business keep Nicolas on her toes; she also proves a welcome distraction for Camille. A murder brings a cloud of suspicion; the resulting investigation takes no prisoners. Who killed Maddie and why? Will Nicolas and Camille hold it together against the odds or will it all fall apart?

Love Relived – Monique ‘Being True’ Thomas
Photographer Mahogany Williams has beauty, brains and success in San Francisco, California. Knowing the right people had launched her career into the limelight and she was enjoying the benefits of it all. When her Nana becomes confined to a wheel chair, Mahogany goes back home (New York) to care for her. While doing so she also tries to undo the pain that caused her to leave so many years ago.

Cheryl James is a quiet sensible and known to be “too serious” woman. She enjoys her job working as a head educator at the famed Museum of Natural history. It is the theme of history, however, that caused old feelings to resurface when she finds out that Mahogany is coming back into town. Will she be able to handle it after the bitter way things were left between them? Can forgiveness be enough? Can love be revisited?

Pit Crew: How to Survive a Spiritual Pit Stop – Renair Amin
Pit Crew: How to Survive a Spiritual Pit Stop is a short pocket book birthed from the spirit of “Life Styler” Renair Amin. Filled with accounts of how she overcame her own personal tragedies, she uses racing as a metaphor for life to give the reader two essentials – instructions on track navigation and insight on developing their own support structure, affectionately known as the Pit Crew.

Royal BLU (Volume 1) – Feral Kitty
The story follows DJ Royal and her three closest friends down an L shaped road of love, lust and lies.

After 3 years of loathing one another Royal Ann Hanson (DJ Royal), a 28 year old arrogant and promiscuous lesbian DJ and Asia Curry, a 22-year-old sassy, out spoken lesbian college student and poet becomes an unlikely couple.

Katrina (KC) Carter, a 26-year-old white butch lesbian, was always a tomboy growing up and knew she was attracted to women at a very young age, usually black women. Her nightmare began after meeting the love of her life Ebony Greer, a cold-hearted hood rat with a fowl mouth and a bad attitude.

Paul (Pauline) Williams and her wife, Candi, have been together 17 years. Both having full time jobs, raising a 12-year-old daughter and running a popular lesbian nightclub, needless to say the romantic side of the relationship has become almost nonresistant.

Tiana Allen, 20 year old college student, sidekick and protégé to her best friend, Royal. She desperately tries to keep up the stereotypical image of a dominate lesbian and her delusional player reputation.

Surviving Love – Charlie B.
In the thriving city of Chicago, where the wind blows cold, self-proclaimed fashionista Lailani Drew learns the true meaning of trust, family, love and sacrifice.

Lailani was raised by her traditional yet attentive grandmother from the age of two due to the death of her mother from a drug overdose and the absence of her father from birth. After opening up to a friend in school, she becomes aware that her sexual preference may not be that of the norm and would one day have to face her sexuality head on.

In high school, she is introduced to three very different girls that would soon become the only family she’d ever known, and throughout the years, deal with their drama and life infliction so much so that she loses sight of her own importance. Trying not to be judgmental about her friends choices, Lailani becomes a voice of reason for Essence, career-oriented law student; Davina, the outspoken single mother; and Autumn, the free-spirited lesbian with a heart of gold.

When she decides to live life for herself, Lailani’s friends grow distant unsure of how to react to her sudden since of independence. Having to deal with a crazy ex who she can’t seem to let go of due to mind blowing sexual escapades and becoming engulfed in a new love interest, Lailani forgets what’s most important to her and is ill prepared for the tragedy to come.

Amid the discrepancies in her life, Lailani is forced to choose between her career and her friends, what she knows and what she’s wanted for so long and in the end makes a decision no one was prepared to accept, not even her.

The Unsimple Truth – J. Renee’ LaCour
Jordan has the man that every woman dreams of – Kevin. He’s a handsome marketing executive who loves her deeply and wants to marry her. After three years of living with Kevin, Jordan meets Leslie, a gorgeous New York record label exec, who shares an open marriage with an Italian billionaire. While working together, the two women discover that they have chemistry. Jordan confides in her best friend, Daphne, who doesn’t react quite the way that she expected. Will Jordan succumb to her feelings for Leslie or will she marry “Mr. Right”? Can Jordan and Daphne’s friendship withstand this new revelation?

Evan, a twin, lives the life of a DL man in New Orleans, Louisiana. He dates women by day and has sex with men by night. He’s the father of a six-year old adorable boy, and because of that, believes he must find a wife and secure a steady home for his child. When he meets a lovely church-going woman named Sandra, he thinks that he has found the ideal solution to his problem. Then, he attends church with Sandra and encounters Deacon Mike and the Men’s Ministry. Does Evan find salvation or take a path that leads to self-destruction?

The Unsimple Truth weaves these lives together and reveals the answers to those who dare to face it….once and for all.