SOTS Books 2 Check Out – May 2013

Looking for something new to read? Here’s a round-up of a few novels you should check out (the titles in pink are linked to Amazon, but most are available for purchase at Barnes & Noble, as well):

2 Sides: The Lesbian Breakup by Phenomenon (Author)

There will always be two sides to a story. It’s easy to judge and pick a side when you’ve only heard one. In 2 Sides, black lesbian women tell their true life version of what happened in their break ups; what was to blame? Who had sex on the floor? Where’s my money? After brokenhearted lovers submit one side of the story, we reached out to the exes and allowed them to provide their rendition of what happened. The drama begins when the stories don’t match. Before you know it the secrets are flying and the women are crying. Some couples reconcile and others don’t. You’ll never find one truth until you read 2 SIDES.

The Absolution of ZERO by Meleisa Betts

The Absolution of Zero is a fiction novel told from a first person narrative. It involves Angiel Royal, a psychologically troubled woman who seems to have inexplicably “lost” blocks of time in her life. Throughout her existence she is at times both sinner and victim, but also the primary cause of her suffering, usually due to her self-possessed ambition and greed. To discover the reason for her actions as well as the lost life episodes, she is referred by medical mandate to Dr. Karen Oppenheim, a psychologist. Through their intense dialogue, Angiel unearths some eye-popping and scandalous aspects of her persona, most of which depict her as an extremely ruthless and manipulative seducer of women and men, doing or saying whatever it takes to gain her objective. The objective generally vacillates between money to sex.

However, there is “something” happening to Angiel which makes her feel at times as a spectator to things that she cannot either control or comprehend. As Angiel looks for personal forgiveness and vindication, she and others who have wronged her, for some reason have not been lucky as there has been nothing but tragedy and punishment doled out to them by some force; be it by man or just the karmic action of the Universe. The term “Absolution” means forgiveness by God, yet Angiel as well as those who oppose her, are finding a difficult if not impossible road to redemption.

Curious Kisses by Siren

Curious Kisses is the erotic self-discovery tale of Jasmia Bailey, a college transfer student who struggles with her own sexuality and naive nature coming from her strict background.

Domestically Cursed: A Story on Partnership Violence by Renair Amin

This empowering book chronicles the author’s personal experience of being on the receiving – and later, the giving – end of domestic violence/abuse in a same gender loving relationship. “I was led to share this chapter of my life because I have encountered too many individuals whose stories sound like mine,” says Renair. “I tell this story for those same-gender loving individuals who have called the cops only to be ridiculed or told that they ‘should be able to fight back in “this” type of situation.’ We deserve the same protections, laws, understanding and compassion.”

It seems the universe agrees. Recently, the United States Senate passed a re-authorized Violence Against Women Act, which for the first time in the legislation’s history extends protection to members of the LGBT community. The timing of Domestically Cursed could not be more perfect.

For more information about this or Renair’s other offerings, please visit her website at

Hersband Material (The Cartel Publications Presents) by C. Wash

Mystro Mason longs for a family, complete with a beautiful wife, but she has a problem with falling in love with the wrong women. It is not until a Washington DC judge threatens her with a jail sentence, after an order of protection was issued, that she slows down her stalker tendencies. But, she discovers it is easier said than done. Native Houston, Mystros roommate and comrade, is all about clothes, shoes and her lust for a multitude of women. But after losing her job for trying to bed the boss, she soon realizes that her careless actions are coming back to haunt her. Church is a vixen who enjoys the company of women, but the only thing she loves more is money. When Mystro meets Church, it is love at first sight in her eyes. But, everything that looks good is not always good for you. Although Mystro is busy falling in love, again, Native can see Church for who she really is, and tries to warn her friend before it’s too late. The problem is that once Mystro has her mind made up, there is no stopping her, even if she goes too far. Hersband Material booms with craziness, drama and betrayal, as Mystro and Native attempt to discover who they really are.

Sappho International (Songs of Silk II) by Max Amillion

What if there existed an ancient secret society of wealthy and powerful lesbians whose sacred duty was to carry on the legacy of Sappho? And what if you were recruited to join the ranks of their entertainment company–Sappho International–whose sole purpose was to provide pleasure to the members of this sacred organization for riches and a jet-setting lifestyle? To what extent would you pledge your allegiance and to what end would you keep its secrets?

Sappho International: Songs of Silk II is the modern sequel that captures the escapades of Max Silk, as she continues to make her formidable rise through to the upper echelons of the Sapphic Trust. Our androgynous heroine, Silk, begins this new chapter of her journey by fulfilling her pleasure-driven duties as an on-call stallion. And the travel abroad that comes with answering her Alices’ beckoning call becomes a much-needed distraction to the many dilemmas that surround her.

But just when the altitude seems to have reached an acceptable median, she gets a call that changes everything for her.

Silk’s spirit is tested, as she must hurdle the obstacles that continue to mount against her. She learns to conquer mind & soul over body, as she taps into the rich history of her bloodline to live up to the expectations of the illustrious reputation that precedes her and as she shoulders the weight of the future of the Trust.

Sunshine After Rain by T’mara

After a bad break up Madison had given up on love and had become content with the satisfaction she got from her career and hanging out with her girls. That is until she met Sam, the person who would be her lover, companion and pillar of strength through a family ordeal that threatens her relationship with her friends and forces Madison to deal with secrets that had been hidden for years.