Sistahs Sizzlin’ Read: Hersband Material by C. Wash

hersbandmaterialssrLOVE & DRAMA

Give a brief description of your novel, Hersband Material.
Hersband Material is a story about Mystro Mason who longs for a family, complete with a beautiful wife, but she has a problem with falling in love with the wrong women. It’s not until a Washington, DC judge threatens her with a jail sentence, after an order of protection was issued, that she slows down her stalker tendencies. But, she discovers it’s easier said than done. Native Houston, Mystro’s roommate and comrade, is all about clothes, shoes and her lust for a multitude of women. But after losing her job for trying to bed the boss, she soon realizes that her careless actions are coming back to haunt her. Church is a vixen who enjoys the company of women, but the only thing she loves more is money. When Mystro meets Church, it is love at first sight in Mystro’s eyes. But, everything that looks good is not always good for you. Although Mystro is busy falling in love, again, Native can see Church for who she really is, and tries to warn her friend before its too late. The problem is that once Mystro has her mind made up, there is no stopping her, even if she goes too far.

Why should readers pick up your book?
My story is a story of craziness, drama, love and what happens when love is forced. It’s a story that everyone can identify with and not just the typical gay or lesbian fiction novel.

What are you working on next?
I currently have a couple of items on my desk. I’m working on the sequel to Hersband Material, as well as another novel that will both be available next year.

What are your summer plans?
The summer is my busy time of the year. The Cartel Publications is prepping to be at the Harlem Book Fair this month, which is a major event for us. We’re also putting the finishing touches on our first film, Pitbulls In A Skirt – The Movie to be released as well as starting the process for shooting our second film, Raunchy.



Twitter: @cwashvp

Where can readers purchase Hersband Material? You can find Hersband Material on, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, Kobo Books, Google Books and of course our website,


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