Sistahs Sizzlin’ Read: Skyeview: A Sistah’s View of the World, Paris Chapter by Skye Ward


Give a brief description of your guidebook, Skyeview: A Sistah’s View of the World, Paris Chapter.
This book is a superb practical guide to Paris. It contains a plethora of information about the city, and how to experience it, that you won’t find anywhere else.The book is written specifically from my Black lesbian feminist-situated point of view. I urge the reader to leave her comfort zone, take risks, and think and live otherwise. And I demonstrates how that can be done. I recognizes that bodies travel differently in space and offers the reader a sense of what it is to travel in a Black queer female body through the streets of this famous city.

This book is meant to supplement both mainstream travel books and the general tourist information about Paris that is available online. And it does so with great sensitivity, joy, thoughtfulness and humor. The book is profoundly practical. For example, it includes a list of parks within Paris where the contemplative, spiritual or simply tired traveler can safely go to experience a calm moment in nature. It includes information about events off the beaten path.

The book opens the reader to political awareness of the city. We find out about revolts against racism and the politics they implicate. The book stimulates the reader to understand Paris with a sense of social engagement, to get involved and give back, all as part of experiencing the city as a situated person “walking in the world.” In sum, the book offers an abundance of helpful information, counsel and reflections for women of color travelers, but also for everyone with queer, feminist and anti-racism sensibilities. It is as useful for the first-time traveler on a low budget as to the experienced traveler who may already know Paris well

Why should readers pick up your book?
The book is indeed the very first travel guidebook of Paris ever written specifically for Black lesbians and other lesbians of color. But any human being on the planet, in any type of body, can find it useful and meaningful. The book is a unique travel book, and also a poem, a diary, a journal, a spiritual journey, an action, an event. It transforms the reader into a traveler on a complex and layered journey, as opposed to simply a tourist engaging in tourism. It provokes the reader to move, to enjoy, to become, in the city of Paris.

What are you working next?
A French version of Skyeview Paris ebook is forthcoming in late fall 2013. The manuscript has been translated and is pending copy-editing and layout.

I have started work on a second guidebook, Skyeview: A Sistah’s View of the World, Mumbai Chapter.

What are your summer plans?
I am working as an academic coordinator for a summer program that serves middle school students at the University of California, Berkeley. During my downtime I enjoy visiting a nearby horse stable and ranch to help feed the horses of which I find immensely relaxing and meditative. Planning my fall travel!



Where can readers purchase Skyeview: A Sistah’s View of the World, Paris Chapter? You can purchase it on at


8 thoughts on “Sistahs Sizzlin’ Read: Skyeview: A Sistah’s View of the World, Paris Chapter by Skye Ward

  1. Skye brings a unique view of the world to her book. She’s funny, she’s thoughtful, she’s insightful. It will make you want to travel with her, and in it’s own way, allows you to do just than.

  2. skye is the embodiment of a sizzlin’ sistah! she lives life purposefully and with great love…i want to be like her when i grow up 🙂

  3. Skye’s love for our Community as well as travelers in general has transcended the quality of Travel.
    Her writing style allows personal interpretation as well as an invitation for personal travel on our own
    imaginary trip, while we prepare ourselves to realistically walk on French Soil.
    Skye is full of information and resources in general. She brings unlimited facts and information unselfishly
    to the reader; leaving us much more educated than we were when our eyes were on the outside of this book.
    It is a rich, informative read that we all should treat ourselves to and be inspired to travel.
    Thank you Skye, you are breaking ground that has been long overdue to be broken.

  4. Loved the spiritual outlook, humor, and off the beaten path places not found in other travel guides. Looking forward to the Mumbai chapter.

  5. Skye has ventured out and shared her discoveries with us & for us. Because of her efforts, sistahs can now take part in a slice of Parisian life that we might otherwise miss. This small, but mighty guide is certainly full of excellent ideas & tips, but more…….. it is teeming with heart, soul & spirit. Whether you have plans to travel to Paris or not, this book is a wonderful read and would certainly be a welcome addition to one’s library.

  6. Skyeview: A Sistah’s View of the World, Paris
    Chapter by Skye Ward is a knowledgeable and compassionate guide, a wonderful companion, and a feel-good read! If it came in a bottle it would be reminiscent of a “cure-all” for what we need to take on a trip destined for excitement!
    SKYEVIEW has all the ingredients to support the personal connection of a body, mind, and spirit experience in a Paris that is less traveled, yet beckoning to become better acquainted with vacationers, travelers, and the people who live right across town!
    For an unique experience, discover the Paris ‘road less traveled’ presented in SKYVIEW by the adventurous, fun loving, part daring/part curious, world traveler and author, Skye Ward!

  7. As a Black lesbian international traveler…this work is so important and practical. I look forward to going to Paris!

  8. Skye’s book brings the hidden Paris to traveler’s who want to go beyond tourist trappings. A must for those of us want to have our travel speak to all of who we are.

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