Sistahs Sizzlin’ Read: The EXchange by Nikki Rashan


Give a brief description of your novel, The Exchange.
The EXchange is the third installment of Kyla’s story. I must confess she remains my favorite character to write about. Readers were introduced to her in my first novel, Double Pleasure Double Pain, and hung out with her again in the sequel, You Make Me Wanna. In The EXchange, Kyla has been with her partner, Asia, for nine years and has become unenthused with the relationship. She finds unexpected excitement with Angie, a friend who also happens to be someone she dated in the past.

Why should readers pick up your book?
Readers, hopefully, will be able to relate to various themes within the storyline, the primary being whether or not exes can be platonic friends. I’ve engaged in many conversations about that topic and opinions vary greatly. The book also addresses the challenge of how to keep a long-term relationship energized and stimulating. Any reader who has faced these challenges, or who has been through a break-up, cheated, been cheated on or has made a mistake in a relationship can relate to the story. I don’t believe anyone will reach the last page of the book without having felt anger, frustration, and shock by some of the actions of the characters.

Also, The EXchange is the first of my books to include discussion questions at the end of the story. I hope that this added feature is helpful to all, especially book club readers.

What are you working next?
Recently, I began working on a book of short stories. After completion of my first novella, Sugar on the Side, which is part of Carl Weber’s Full Figured series, I became interested in the idea of writing my own compilation.

What are your summer plans?
I’m excited for this summer! After 16 years with my former employer, I quit my job in May to live my dream of writing full-time. My wife and I also relocated to California shortly after. Over the summer, I plan to find a couple of beautiful beach locations where I can write. I also plan to promote my books, promote my books and promote my books. J



Twitter:  @nikkirashan

Where can readers purchase The EXchange? All of my books, including The EXchange, can be purchased online through my website, Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Readers are also welcome to check bookstores in their area.


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