Call for Submissions: The Brown Grrlz Project



The Brown Grrlz Project is a collective dedicated to the love/self-love, support and celebration of “femme of center”, queer, trans, cis or FAAB (Female Assigned At Birth), 2 spirit, intersex people of colour.

We will offer platforms for us to share in our experiences. We welcome submissions of your stories, articles, pictures, art and any means of which you would like to express yourself or your experiences as a femmes of center womyn of color. We’d love to hear from you, tell us how you do femme!!!

To submit or for more info, visit

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Call for Submissions: Lesbian Anthology Contest


Currently accepting submissions for a lesbian anthology (title to be announced at a later date and published under forthcoming publishing company). Part of the proceeds will be donated to Whitman-Walker Health, a non-profit community-based health organization that pro…vides dependable, high-quality, comprehensive, and accessible health care to those infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Actively seeking talented writers who can tell an exciting, dramatic, and unpredictable story. Authors can be previously unpublished or established, male or female. Sexual orientation is not relevant. This is an opportunity for new writers to get their name out and promote their work. For those established authors, it allows you a chance to build your community of readers even more while being a part of this good cause.

Stories must be between 15,000-20,000 words and adhere to the following format:

  • Microsoft word document
  • Double-spaced
  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • 1-inch margins on all sides

Best submission will receive a cash reward of $100.00. In addition, the winner and all others chosen to be included in the anthology will receive five (5) copies of the printed book. Additional copies may be purchased at half the cover price.

Storylines must have a lesbian theme, such as coming out stories, bisexuality, erotica (tastefully written, not porn), identity crisis (labels-fem, butch, pillow princess, stud), same-sex domestic violence, non-fiction based on true-life experiences, etc. Deadline for submissions is March 31, 2012. If your story is accepted, you will receive a letter via email within two weeks after the submissions deadline.

To submit:
• Email the complete manuscript, a full synopsis that takes the plot from beginning to end, and an author’s bio that includes your publishing history (if any), such as previous books and awards. These three things must be sent as separate Word attachments, but included in the same email.
• Include contact info, including email address and phone number.
• Include the words “LESBIAN ANTHOLOGY” along with the title of the story in the email’s subject line. (Ex. LESBIAN ANTHOLOGY – I Was Born This Way)
• Failure to follow the formatting and submission guidelines as stated above will result in your story being discarded without review.

Submissions should be sent to:

Open Call for Submissions for “Coming Out” Stories from Gay LGBT Africans


This an open call for submissions for “coming out” stories that will form part of an anthology on Gay LGBT African Coming out Stories. This anthology, entitled, “Africa coming out” will capture stories from across the continent. We hope that these stories will not only entertain us but also provide encouragement to us all, that we are not alone in the process.

We want our voices to be heard and our empowering presence to be felt.

We encourage all members of the community from all walks of life, to send in a submission and encourage all types of stories (happy, sad, painful, inspiring, or celebratory).

Submissions are accepted from LGBT individuals or family members of LGBT individuals.

Submission Guidelines:

-All submission must be in English.
-Stories should be between 1500-5000 words
-Reprints are ok as long as all rights remain with the author.
-Please make sure to complete the submission form and to answer all of the questions listed. The submission form can be found at

If you have any questions, you may email us at or visit

Submissions should be sent via email to All submissions must be received on or before 15th January 2012 at noon.

Call for Submissions (UPDATED) – Anthology: Letters to My Bully (Glover Lane Press) edited by Azaan Kamau and Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti


Letters to My Bully is a collection of letters, short stories (fiction or non-fiction), poetry and essays from authors across the world that speaks to the traumatic and sometimes fatal impact of bullying.

Letters to My Bully is also an educational and preventative tool for parents, educators, teens and youth, as well as a channel for healing and empowerment for bullying victims and survivors.

Letters to My Bully is currently seeking submissions of:

Essays: 1000 Words or Less
Personal Commentary (Letters): 1000 Words or Less
Poetry: 2-3 Single Spaced Pages
Short Stories (Fiction or Non-Fiction): 2500-3000 words or less

Submissions should speak to:

  • Your personal experiences with being bullied
  • How being bullied changed or altered your life
  • How you overcame being victimized by a bully
  • Essays discussing possible solutions to bullying
  • What you would say to your bully if you could confront them today

Deadline:  December 1, 2011 at 5pm.  Please send submissions to

Payment made in copies!

All submissions must include full contact information including Name, Address, Email, Phone Number and Website (if you have one). Please use only, Times Roman, 12 Point Font with One Inch Margins (DO NOT INCLUDE SPECIAL GRAPHICS, FONTS, COLORED TEXT ETC)

For more information visit Glover Lane Press website at or or call 1-424-703-3277 or write to

Call for Submissions – Tapestries of Faith: Black SLGBT Stories of Triumph, Family, Love & Healing

Be included in the newest anthology, Tapestries of Faith: Black SLGBT Stories of Triumph, Family, Love & Healing. This project is a groundbreaking, inaugural collection of essays, commentary, poetry and spoken word edited by Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti, Azaan Kamau & Jeffrey King.

Essays, prose and poetry/spoken word are sought from established and new writers. 1-3 pages of poetry, 1000 words or less prose, essay or social commentary in the following themes:
1. Stories of Triumph-How you or someone you know found victory in a difficult situation related to your identity;
2. Stories about how you as SGLBT person serve your family (biological, community or spiritual family);
3. Love stories about you and your mate—how you met, why you fell in love and why and how you’ve stayed together;
4. Challenges you’ve gone through as a result of your identity and methods you’ve used to heal (church, temple, meditation, support group).

Deadline for Submissions is April 30th, 2011, 5pm EST. Please forward your submission with full contact information (Name, address, phone number and email address) to for immediate consideration. Payment is in copies. Also use the book to promote your work, business or organization!

Tapestries of Faith: Black SGLBT Stories of Triumph, Family, Love & Healing is an anthology about the lives and stories of Black same gender loving bisexual and trans people to be published in June 2011.

Publisher Azaan Kamau says, “This book is an important contribution to African-American history. Glover Lane Press is honored to be the publishing house to bring these stories to the world.”

Tapestries of Faith will speak to the often invisible contributions of African-American same gender loving bisexual and trans people to the Black power movement and the Black community at large and the richness of their cultural experiences and presence as a whole. A transformative tool for academic study and educational presentations, Tapestries of Faith will have four sections rarely explored in mainstream “gay” life. Also forthcoming is the DVD with interviews with key figures in Black SGLBT history.

Call for Submissions: Life, Love & Lust 2011 (Lesbian Anthology)

Would you like to be part of the best Lesbian Anthology ever?

Lesbian and LMInc is now accepting for the second collection of lesbian stories for the anthology “Life, Love & Lust 2011” and would like to include YOU!

Submissions are open from December 1, 2010 thru February 28, 2011. All entries must be submitted by February 28, 2011 to be considered for publication.

Prize: Publication in “Life, Love & Lust 2011” Anthology July 2011

Genre: LGBT Fiction/ Non Fiction

Subject: Any subject will be considered to include Drama, Mystery, Love, Horror, Romance, Erotica, Life…visit

Lesbian Memoirs


 Guidelines for Submission:

  • All entries must be fiction or non-fiction and unpublished, to include any short stories posted on
  • Include a cover page with: Author’s/Artist’s Name, Title of Submission(s), Address, Phone/Fax, and Email Address
  • Each submission should be a maximum of 6,000 words (list word count on title page)
  • All submissions must be typed & double-spaced; number the pages.
  • There is no limit on the number of stories to be submitted.
  • All entries should be emailed to and can be submitted in docx, .doc, and .pdf formats.
  • Accepted submissions will be announced by May 2011. Emails with details will be sent to all that will be included in the anthology.
  • Accepted submissions will be edited and the writer will be notified of the changes to approve before printing occurs.
  • Previously published stories and stories forthcoming at other publications will not be considered. If your story is accepted by another publication, please email to withdraw it from consideration.

The final deadline for LM to receive your submission will be February 28, 2011. All submissions will be responded to by the end of April. The anthology will be published in July by LM Inc.

Please make a copy of all submissions. No submissions will be returned.

Call for Submissions: A Seat in front of the Fireplace for Lesbians and Gay Men

Please read this call for submissions regarding A Seat in front of the Fireplace for Lesbians and Gay Men for more information and how to submit your work.

Amidst the onslaught of daily bad news, it’s easy to forget that there are a lot of great things that happen in people’s lives. This includes events and circumstances in the lives of lesbians and gay men.

As a minority group, lesbians and gay men have extra challenges that go beyond those of their straight peers. But lesbians and gay men have plenty of heart-warming and inspirational life experiences, as well. It is tales like those that are the subject of an upcoming anthology, “A Seat in Front of the Fireplace for Lesbians and Gay Men.”

This collection will feature true stories of average people in a variety of circumstances who respond in extraordinary ways. Whether they are overcoming, reaching out, taking a risk, standing up for a belief or having another experience, their response proves inspirational and uplifting to the reader. Not only could it be considered a “warm fuzzy,” but it makes the reader think.

Stories should be:
1. A minimum 400 and a maximum 1400 words long.
2. Be written in the first person.
3. Have a clear beginning, middle and end.
4. Be tied in some way to the experience of being lesbian or gay.
5. Be non-fiction.
6. Include details, emotions, context.
7. Can be a funny, sad or action-filled story.
8. Need not focus solely on lesbian/gay identity and related issues but being lesbian/gay as part of being a whole person with a life of varying facets.

Deadline: December 15, 2010

Stories in the anthology will be grouped under one of the following eight themes, which will denote the sections of the book:

Childhood and youth
Young adulthood
Adult life
Coming out
Turning points
Transcending road blocks
Family matters
Lessons learned

Writers are welcome to submit more than one story for consideration under one or more of the themes. Stories submitted should not have been previously published.

“Anonymous” stories won’t be considered, but authors may change the names of the people chronicled in the story to protect identities if necessary.

Manuscripts (not original copies) should be sent to:
A Seat in Front of the Fireplace, attn: S.F.
P.O. Box 440113
Los Angeles, CA 90044

Works will not be returned.

For more information, visit