Groundbreaking Anthology Gives Voice to the Lives, Rights and Issues of Bullying Victims in America

Editors Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti and Azaan Kamau are proud to announce the publication of the most highly anticipated anthologies of the decade. Letters to My Bully published by Glover Lane Press arrives to bookstores and on-line markets on August 15, 2012.

Why a Letter to My Bully?

Every day in America, 160,000 students miss school due to bullying. According to reports by the Secret Service, two-thirds of school shootings are motivated by bullying. A whopping 43% of middle school children avoid the bathroom and locker rooms at all costs due to certainty of being bullied. And finally, the number one reason for suicides among youth ages 11-16 is bullying.

Glover Lane Press’ historical anthology, Letters to My Bully, not only gives victims of bullying an outlet to express the impact of bullying in their lives, contributors speak on solutions to the problem and offer healing advice to survivors. Letters to My Bully is a thought-provoking collection of letters, poetry and essays written by youth, women, men, seniors and celebrities that will change the way this country views survivors forever.

“As a survivor of bullying, I wanted to do a project that would not only help victims heal but would help to educate the masses on how serious this issue is,” says Glover Lane Press publisher, Azaan Kamau. “I define bullying as abuse, mistreatment, torment and harassment by peers, classmates, neighbors, the congregation, siblings, parents, boyfriend, your spouse, etc. This is an issue that America must make a priority as it relates to social justice and peace movements.”

Co-editor Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti says, “Letters to My Bully is an excellent tool for ministers, teachers, community leaders, parents, teens and youth to educate those around them about the dangers of bullying. Until everybody, everywhere is addressing this issue in some form, it will continue to plague our great nation.”

Letters to My Bully includes contributions by CSI Miami Actor Robert LaSardo and Huffington Post writer Kergan Edwards-Stout, as well as more than a dozen other best-selling, nationally celebrated writers. There are also pieces written by child survivors and senior citizens.

Letters to My Bully is proud to be supported by national Peace Partners who have committed to ensuring the message of this anthology will reach the masses.

Letters to My Bully edited by Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti, Azaan Kamau and published by Glover Lane releases August 15, 2012.

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Long Awaited Return by Award-winning Author and Activist, Robin G. White

Boston, MA – April 24th, 2012 Award-winning author, Robin G. White will release her long awaited second collection of poetry, Reflections of a Life Well Spent (Sunset Pointe Press ISBN #978-0-9838208-0-2) on April 30th, 2012. The collection, which is the first release of her work since the award-winning (Georgia Author of the Year Award finalist, Chicago Literary Award winner) Resurrection: A Collection of Work was released over a decade ago.

The author turned publisher spent nine years focusing her inestimable talents publishing and promoting the works of other writers as one half of the Lambda Literary Award-winning publishing duo of Kings Crossing Publishing. White moved on to promote new works with her newly acquired Sunset Pointe Press of Clearwater, FL. The company works with new talent in the inspiration industry. Reflection of a Life Well Spent is a prime example of the company’s new line.

Reflections of a Life Well Spent focuses on an emotional three-year period of the author’s life following her through the end of her long-term relationship, break-up of her family, joblessness, homelessness, and the death of her birthparents shortly after finding them after a 40-plus year search. And while the reader may expect to find bitterness and despair among the pages, White expresses the numerous losses with candor and grace, arching each challenge with faith, love and a tremendous amount of hope. She dives into raw emotion, searching not for answers, but for the lessons that each challenge might bring. The poems become touchstones for her readers who relate to the themes of loss and resolution.

Much of the work in this book has been posted on Facebook and her blog, Omphaloskepsis by Bobbie, over the years, which has offered White a unique understanding of the moving quality of her prose-imbued poetry. Her slice of life and “this is what is happening in the moment” themes read like the diary that they are. Her love for family and friends, children and lovers are all present and are richly palpable on the page. It is enough to make you wonder what she is like in real life.

White expects to do readings and signings at the usual bookstore venues and will follow the award-winning path she took as a publisher with Kings Crossing Publishing by focusing on her inspiration niche. Personal appearances at trade shows, churches, book clubs and private parties will follow the release.

About the Author: Robin G. White is the award-winning author of Resurrection: A Collection of Work, Reflections of a Life Well Spent, Omphaloskepsis Guided Writing Journal, First Breath, When Love Departs and two pseudonymous authored children’s series. As one half of the duo of Kings Crossing Publishing, she won the award for best LGBT Independent Publisher from the Lambda Literary Foundation, was honored as an Astraea Foundation Poetry Judge, has won the Lisa C. Moore Poetry Prize from the Chicago Literary Foundation and was a Georgia Author of the Year Award Finalist for Resurrection. She was honored with an Urban Media Makers Award for her children’s television program, The Naptime Adventures of Princess Cynaya.

Her groundbreaking play, PantyLiners, was performed at Boston’s The Theater Offensive, and her poetry has been performed with the neo-soul, band Sweet Black Molasses. She was an original cast member of Boston’s famed, DKSG sharing the stage with Sandra Valls, Mia Anderson and Rajdulari Barnes. White has performed on numerous stages including Boston Gay Pride, Detroit’s Hotter Than July, Chicago’s Mountain Moving Coffeehouse, Provincetown Women of Color Weekend and as host of Atlanta Black Pride’s Speakfire. During her 30+ year career Robin has performed or read at hundreds of events, nightclubs, colleges and bookstores throughout the US including, Boston, New York, LA, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Atlanta, DC, Philadelphia, Provincetown, Memphis, San Francisco and Palm Springs. Her work has been widely anthologized.

In addition to her writing, Robin is a longtime activist/artist. A founder of the Women’s group at BAGLY (Boston Alliance of Gay and Lesbian Youth), Robin began her social justice work at 15 appearing on television and radio shows speaking out about bullying and suicide among lgb youth. At 18 (in 1979) she was a Massachusetts delegate to the first National Conference on Lesbians and Gays, which began the first organization to produce a national agenda on Gay and Lesbian rights. In 1983 she co-hosted the first gay television news magazine, Gay Boston. Her work continued in theater (Ten Percent Revue, Doric Wilson’s Street Theater) and film (Two in Twenty: The Lesbian Soap Opera). She has been an outspoken advocate in Youth and Social Services and was a founding member of Good Company Theater of Atlanta under the direction of Rev. Dr. Shirlene Holmes. She also was a member of the organizing committee for the first Zuna Institute conference in Atlanta in 2000. She continues her activism through Sunset Pointe Press as a teacher and advocate for new writers.

Robin participates in multiple philanthropic endeavors including as a co-founder of We Can We Care, which supports and builds orphanages and schools in third world countries; founder of OneDayOneDollar, an artists’ organization which supports grassroots campaigns to fight hunger among children; and Sunset Pointe Press which will fund an annual scholarship for lgbtq teens.

She lives in her hometown of Boston, Massachusetts where she gratefully serves in the music ministry as a member of Unity in the City in Brookline.

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Reflections of a Life Well Spent is available at, Barnes and Nobles, local bookstores and will be available via and