Sistahs Sizzlin’ Read: Love, Lies and Basketball


Give a brief description of your novel, Love, Lies and Basketball.
LLB is the second of a trilogy, the first being Love at Half-Court. It tells the story of Kendra Michael, an All-American basketball player. She comes from an upper middle class family. And at 15, begins to explore her sexuality. Throughout her discovery, Kendra’s ego, immaturity and desire for sexual exploration take over until she meets and falls in love with her future partner, Simone. In Love, Lies and Basketball, Kendra’s ego gets the best of her again, and now, she is left with trying to win the love of her life back. In the meantime, she finds out that her good friend, Pete is hiding a secret. All of it leading Kendra down a destructive path.

Why should readers pick up your book?
It comes from another point of view, a different story line about one’s sexuality, but mostly about love and commitment. At the time I wrote the first book, I was (still is) a WNBA fan; and thought, this would be a great story to tell. Something, I believed, people would enjoy.

What are you working next?
I’m working on the final book of the trilogy, Love Don’t Cry and a book series called, The Inkwell Diaries. The first book of the series is called The Dew.

What are your summer plans?
Have a little fun, hopefully get to one or two book festivals and continue writing.

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