Best. Black. Lesbian. Book. Ever.

waterinabrokenglassBeing the founder of SOTS, I can tell you that I’ve read a lot of black lesbian books.

It’s my passion. There’s nothing like a book you can truly identify with, and that’s what books about Sistahs in the Life do for me. You always feel like you either are that character or know someone just like her.

I have my favorite books from the genre, ones that have moved me to tears or to think. No bias here, but Water in a Broken Glass is my all time greatest. It’s so raw and passionate, the story of a woman torn between her true feelings for a woman and what everyone else wants for her. Something in this novel spoke to me, as if I were Tonya, enduring her struggles to be herself.

A question for you: What black lesbian novel has spoken to you? What’s your favorite?