How to Get Your Book Reviewed at Sistahs on the Shelf

Sistahs on the Shelf is currently accepting books for review. We are asking for published novels and e-books (not drafts or manuscripts) with an African-American lesbian and/or bisexual theme or books that have one lesbian/bisexual woman as a main character.

To submit your book, you must first send an email to and include the following information about your novel: Title, Author, Book Synopsis, Publishing Company, Release Date, Genre, No. of Pages, Author’s Email and Website Address.

Please specify whether the book is a review copy or the final version. Books that have been officially published will be reviewed as the final version.

You will be acknowledged by a reply email, and then you may send 2 copies of your book, along with a press kit, to the address below:

Sistahs on the Shelf
P. O. Box 11193
Tallahassee, Florida 32302-3193

You will be notified by email when your book is received by Sistahs on the Shelf. Your book will not be returned, and we will notify you by email when the review will be published. Please note that reviews cannot be read by the author prior to publication.


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