SOTS Books 2 Check Out – June 2013

Looking for something new to read? Here’s a round-up of a few novels you should check out (the titles in pink are linked to Amazon, but most are available for purchase at Barnes & Noble, as well):

37 Things I Love (in no particular order) by Kekla Magoon

Ellis only has four days of her sophomore year left, and summer is so close that she can almost taste it. But even with vacation just within reach, Ellis isn’t exactly relaxed. Her father has been in a coma for years, the result of a construction accident, and her already-fragile relationship with her mother is strained over whether or not to remove him from life support. Her best friend fails even to notice that anything is wrong and Ellis feels like her world is falling apart. But when all seems bleak, Ellis finds comfort in the most unexpected places.

Life goes on, but in those four fleeting days friends are lost and found, promises are made, and Ellis realizes that nothing will ever quite be the same.

Happy Families by Tanita S. Davis

Teenage twins Ysabel and Justin Nicholas are lucky. Ysabel’s jewelry designs have already caught the eyes of the art world and Justin’s intelligence and drive are sure to gain him entrance into the most prestigious of colleges. They even like their parents. But their father has a secret–one that threatens to destroy the twins’ happy family and life as they know it.

Over the course of spring break, Ysabel and Justin will be forced to come to terms with their dad’s new life, but can they overcome their fears to piece together their happy family again?

Midnight Comes with the Dawn: The Vampyir Plague by Darlene Burns

Women. Infected blood. Rotting corpses.

Welcome to the world of Katrine Baten aka Midnight. She is one of the oldest existing Vampyirs and only surrounds herself with eye candy. But something is destroying not only her world, but the human world as well. Together with her lesbian coven by her side, she tries to seek a cure.

And what she discovers may change the course of how she lives as a lesbian Vampyir forever!

Out of Ignorance (Out Of Ignorance 1) by Sandi Webb

In Sandi Webb’s riveting debut novel, the first in the series, meet Toni Wells, nineteen-year-old stud, a drug dealer for the LA Bloods by night and worker for her transit job by day. A troubled young woman, Toni is wrapped in a world of gangbanging and unhealthy relationships, which involve a young woman named Bree.

You will laugh and you will cry as you follow her journey to adulthood and her endless struggle to feel loved. With the assistance of therapy, Toni realizes that she must deal with the traumatic events from her childhood so they can stop affecting her present day relationships. This is a gritty, bold look at the issues of sexuality, identity, and responsibility. This coming-of-age story of an African-American lesbian from a foster care background will long be remembered.

The Womon by Seconya Y. Bagby

In the six years since her divorce, YVONNE has not had much luck when it comes to finding love. What she does find however, is that the bond she shares with her closest friend, CORRINE, is unrivaled to any connection she has yet to find with a man.

On an all girls trip to St. Thomas, Yvonne also comes to favor a gentleman by the name of DORIAN. She is soon challenged in finding the balance between fact and fiction, head and heart, as well as love and lust.

Unable to live in her head any longer, Yvonne must decide who her heart truly belongs to; the man or THE WOMON.


SOTS Books 2 Check Out – May 2013

Looking for something new to read? Here’s a round-up of a few novels you should check out (the titles in pink are linked to Amazon, but most are available for purchase at Barnes & Noble, as well):

2 Sides: The Lesbian Breakup by Phenomenon (Author)

There will always be two sides to a story. It’s easy to judge and pick a side when you’ve only heard one. In 2 Sides, black lesbian women tell their true life version of what happened in their break ups; what was to blame? Who had sex on the floor? Where’s my money? After brokenhearted lovers submit one side of the story, we reached out to the exes and allowed them to provide their rendition of what happened. The drama begins when the stories don’t match. Before you know it the secrets are flying and the women are crying. Some couples reconcile and others don’t. You’ll never find one truth until you read 2 SIDES.

The Absolution of ZERO by Meleisa Betts

The Absolution of Zero is a fiction novel told from a first person narrative. It involves Angiel Royal, a psychologically troubled woman who seems to have inexplicably “lost” blocks of time in her life. Throughout her existence she is at times both sinner and victim, but also the primary cause of her suffering, usually due to her self-possessed ambition and greed. To discover the reason for her actions as well as the lost life episodes, she is referred by medical mandate to Dr. Karen Oppenheim, a psychologist. Through their intense dialogue, Angiel unearths some eye-popping and scandalous aspects of her persona, most of which depict her as an extremely ruthless and manipulative seducer of women and men, doing or saying whatever it takes to gain her objective. The objective generally vacillates between money to sex.

However, there is “something” happening to Angiel which makes her feel at times as a spectator to things that she cannot either control or comprehend. As Angiel looks for personal forgiveness and vindication, she and others who have wronged her, for some reason have not been lucky as there has been nothing but tragedy and punishment doled out to them by some force; be it by man or just the karmic action of the Universe. The term “Absolution” means forgiveness by God, yet Angiel as well as those who oppose her, are finding a difficult if not impossible road to redemption.

Curious Kisses by Siren

Curious Kisses is the erotic self-discovery tale of Jasmia Bailey, a college transfer student who struggles with her own sexuality and naive nature coming from her strict background.

Domestically Cursed: A Story on Partnership Violence by Renair Amin

This empowering book chronicles the author’s personal experience of being on the receiving – and later, the giving – end of domestic violence/abuse in a same gender loving relationship. “I was led to share this chapter of my life because I have encountered too many individuals whose stories sound like mine,” says Renair. “I tell this story for those same-gender loving individuals who have called the cops only to be ridiculed or told that they ‘should be able to fight back in “this” type of situation.’ We deserve the same protections, laws, understanding and compassion.”

It seems the universe agrees. Recently, the United States Senate passed a re-authorized Violence Against Women Act, which for the first time in the legislation’s history extends protection to members of the LGBT community. The timing of Domestically Cursed could not be more perfect.

For more information about this or Renair’s other offerings, please visit her website at

Hersband Material (The Cartel Publications Presents) by C. Wash

Mystro Mason longs for a family, complete with a beautiful wife, but she has a problem with falling in love with the wrong women. It is not until a Washington DC judge threatens her with a jail sentence, after an order of protection was issued, that she slows down her stalker tendencies. But, she discovers it is easier said than done. Native Houston, Mystros roommate and comrade, is all about clothes, shoes and her lust for a multitude of women. But after losing her job for trying to bed the boss, she soon realizes that her careless actions are coming back to haunt her. Church is a vixen who enjoys the company of women, but the only thing she loves more is money. When Mystro meets Church, it is love at first sight in her eyes. But, everything that looks good is not always good for you. Although Mystro is busy falling in love, again, Native can see Church for who she really is, and tries to warn her friend before it’s too late. The problem is that once Mystro has her mind made up, there is no stopping her, even if she goes too far. Hersband Material booms with craziness, drama and betrayal, as Mystro and Native attempt to discover who they really are.

Sappho International (Songs of Silk II) by Max Amillion

What if there existed an ancient secret society of wealthy and powerful lesbians whose sacred duty was to carry on the legacy of Sappho? And what if you were recruited to join the ranks of their entertainment company–Sappho International–whose sole purpose was to provide pleasure to the members of this sacred organization for riches and a jet-setting lifestyle? To what extent would you pledge your allegiance and to what end would you keep its secrets?

Sappho International: Songs of Silk II is the modern sequel that captures the escapades of Max Silk, as she continues to make her formidable rise through to the upper echelons of the Sapphic Trust. Our androgynous heroine, Silk, begins this new chapter of her journey by fulfilling her pleasure-driven duties as an on-call stallion. And the travel abroad that comes with answering her Alices’ beckoning call becomes a much-needed distraction to the many dilemmas that surround her.

But just when the altitude seems to have reached an acceptable median, she gets a call that changes everything for her.

Silk’s spirit is tested, as she must hurdle the obstacles that continue to mount against her. She learns to conquer mind & soul over body, as she taps into the rich history of her bloodline to live up to the expectations of the illustrious reputation that precedes her and as she shoulders the weight of the future of the Trust.

Sunshine After Rain by T’mara

After a bad break up Madison had given up on love and had become content with the satisfaction she got from her career and hanging out with her girls. That is until she met Sam, the person who would be her lover, companion and pillar of strength through a family ordeal that threatens her relationship with her friends and forces Madison to deal with secrets that had been hidden for years.

Abandoned Property out May 14

Abandoned Property

Get ready for Kai Mann’s new novel, Abandoned Property, out May 14. The sequel to her previous book, 30 Day Notice, follows Kori again as she navigates the world. Pre-order her novel at

Read the synopsis for Abandoned Property:

Unresolved issues of being left behind and abandoned due to the lack of value in the REAL estate we call family and friends can turn our world upside down. This story is about the lives of several people who have been treated like property that has been unwilling to be possessed or even cared for.

Kori, Jerard, Darius, Jay, Layla, Karina, and Coco have something in common; they all have abandonment issues. Even though their issues of abandonment stem from some of the same situations, how they play out is different in nature. Whether it’s guilt and shame, a revolving door of relationships, daddy issues, attention seeking, insecurities and self-doubt, fear of being abandoned, or trust issues; they all allow their issues to manifest negatively in all of their relationships.

Are they doomed to repeat some of the same cycles of physical or emotional abandonment like being cast aside, deserted, discarded, neglected, shunned, and even rejected? Or will they go to the extreme opposite to ensure that the cycle ends with them?

Kai Mann, author of 30 Day Notice and her newly published book Abandoned Property, is an independent contract writer for as Detroit’s Best Friend Examiner and a member of the Motown Writers Network, as well as a contributor to the poetry community. Her online poetry blog, Kaiology Wet Your Intellectual Taste Buds, and her personal website,, is where she purposefully inspires thought pertaining to the themes of love, friendship, self-love, and self-progression. As a writer for the Scriblical Vibez Publishing blog; Kai’s mission is to contribute inspiring content that not only promotes self-growth, but also content that inspires a vibrational change through written word.

Pre-order her novel at

Soon on the Shelf

Check out this list of new novels hitting shelves soon. All release dates are tentative.


brokeninsoftplacesBROKEN IN SOFT PLACES – Fiona Zedde

Bold Strokes Books

Release Date: May 14, 2013

Some mornings, Sara Chambers wakes in bed next to her girlfriend and her girlfriend’s lover wondering how she ended up there. Beautiful, successful, and a force to be reckoned with at her Atlanta law firm, Sara is still powerless in her attraction to the rebellious and reckless, Rille Thompson.

As college girlfriends, Sara and Rille’s relationship had been incendiary, burning away Sara’s innocence and self-respect even as it widened her world beyond her wildest imagination. Now, almost twenty years later, Rille still pushes Sara beyond her limits, bringing a third lover into their bed and domestic lives when their monogamy gets stale. The hold Rille has over Sara—and their new lover—becomes as powerful as it is dangerous. Can Sara pull herself free in time, or will her life turn to cinders in the wake of Rille’s powerful flame?



Urban Books

Release Date: May 28, 2013

It’s the final test for our favorite Freedom University Alums. Lives have been turned upside down as they left the comforts of campus life for the real world and all of the adventures that come with it. Although their lives have taken major turns changing the futures they dreamed of in college, life is good and relationships are strong.

Lena realizes how fast time flies when you are raising a child. It’s been two years since she decided to take time away from all her drama to find herself and focus on the child she was carrying. But the present finds her staring at images of Denise, Hollywood’s up and coming star and the love who got away. With her child away, Lena now has time to play. Will she finally move on to someone new, or truly go after the one she’s wanted all along.

Denise has learned that there is more to Hollywood than fame and fortune. The dark side of fame rears its ugly face as Denise’s star grows brighter and Farih’s starts to dim. All eyes are on this “It” couple, including the eyes of Lena. With the past reappearing in her life, Denise finds herself torn between loving the one who has given her the real, stable relationship she’s always wanted, and the chaotic love that her heart just doesn’t want to let go of.

Cooley always knew she would be a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry; but never in a million years did she think she would be in a committed relationship, and happy. Now managing two of the hottest up and coming lesbian stars in the world, her life is right on track – until a secret comes out that could derail all she’s worked for, and threaten her relationship and even more importantly, her friendships.

Misha pictured her life as a independent, jetsetter – not as a housewife, cooking, cleaning and running after a toddler. It’s amazing what people are willing to give up for love. Watching her ex live the life she pictured for herself, the temptation to pursue her dreams and revisit the life she abandoned might just get the best of her.

Carmen wants one thing, the perfect “royal wedding” to the love of her life Nic. While her friends live fabulously in Atlanta, she’s stuck in Memphis in a teaching job she despises. While Nic is perfectly happy with the average life they have created together, Carmen wants more. And her caviar wishes could destroy her relationship dreams.

The future is bright and sunny for the crew but there are storm clouds ahead filled with unfinished business from the past that could threaten all they have worked for in life and love. Their relationships and friendships have never been so vigorously tested. And as Carmen and Nic’s wedding approaches, will skeletons in their closets wreck the worlds they have created, or will everything finally come full circle?


THE EXCHANGE – Nikki Rashan

Urban Books

Release Date: June 25, 2013

Can exes be friends? The answer to this question is tested and revealed in The EXchange, the third installment in the story of Kyla. When readers first met Kyla, she was a confused young woman struggling with her sexuality. By the time we met her again, she was a loose philanderer, bed-hopping in her search for love. She found it with the beautiful, no-nonsense Asia. After nine years of solid commitment, Kyla is bored with the monotony and simplicity of their day-to-day relationship. She soon finds the excitement she craves, but not in the right place. Angie, her ex turned longtime friend, is single again, and she’s ready and willing to fill the void Kyla feels. Will Kyla trade the stability she has with Asia for the passion she’s been missing?

I Am Your Sister 2 Out Now!

iamyoursister2The long-awaited sequel to Ericka K.F. Simpson’s I Am Your Sister is now available.

I Am Your Sister 2 continues Symone’s story from a young woman to an adult. Read more in the synopsis below:

At 21 years old, Symone Holmes has finally transitioned into the second phase of her life, adulthood. As the WNBA’s top prospect, she is ready to start living her dreams without delay. However, her mother’s continued disapproval of her sexuality still casts a dark shadow over Symone’s spirit. When an unexpected family tragedy occurs, will Symone choose to put her plans of stardom on hold to go through the obstacle that has kept her fenced out of her mother’s life? Can past hurts be forgiven or will traveling back in time reopen old wounds?

Symone Holmes returns in this emotional tale of sacrifice and family tragedy that dramatically changes the course of the ‘second season’ of her life.

The book is available at

SOTS Books 2 Check Out – April 2013

Looking for something new to read? Here’s a round-up of a few novels you should check out (the titles in pink are linked to Amazon, but most are available for purchase at Barnes & Noble, as well):

Aggressive State by Ariel Nickens (A2THEPUBLISHER)

Aggressive state is life base fiction for those who know and those who want to know more about how TRUE A.G.’s or STUDS live love and play. This book is a sexy gritty thoughtful glimpse into the stud/femme dynamic of the lesbian lifestyle and a story that A2THEPUBLISHER wishes to share with the world.

Dying to Live by Harmonie Reigns

When Naomi Harris met her girlfriend, Sheena, at one of her close friend’s birthday party, she never expected that her life would change forever. In the beginning things started out beautifully. Sheena was caring and loving.  Almost all of Naomi’s friends and family loved Sheena, but things quickly changed. Sheena became abusive in many ways. She was jealous, controlling, and disrespectful. When Sheena’s verbal and mental abuse turned into physical abuse, Naomi tried to hide it. She made excuses and she began to isolate herself from her friends and family. Even when the abuse sent Naomi to the hospital with broken bones she still hid it. When Naomi decided that enough was enough, she finally ended the relationship. Was it too late? Would Naomi make it out alive? Would her friends get hurt trying to protect her? Naomi finds herself in the fight of her life with Sheena. It’s kill or be killed. The question is does Naomi have the strongest will to survive and if she does will she be able to cope with the aftermath?

Forever Tangled: A collection of poems and stories from the heart and between the thighs. (Volume 1) by Monique Being True Thomas

Forever Tangled: A collection of stories from the heart I and between the thighs is 112 pages that will hit your literary senses. If you are a dreamer of love and a lover of lust then this book is for you with titles like “Watched”, “Heightened Desire” and “When the house of love is robbed” readers are definitely readers are in for a treat.

The Love Chain (Tribulations) by Rari Kani Chie

Gia Roberson always had it easy. New car, new clothes, and the hottest woman in Durham, North Carolina’s lesbian community. The only problem is her girlfriend doesn’t treat her as an equal. After almost thirteen years of being with her lover, Gia’s heart starts to stray when another woman enters her life and gives her everything that’s been missing. The affair opens up new feelings within Gia that she didn’t know existed. As she starts to explore these feelings, a stranger walks into her life and changes her whole life and those around her.

Olivia Stephenson always scored when it came to playing sports and the ladies in high school. Years after entering the “real world,” she discovers that love doesn’t always win. Her relationship with her long-term girlfriend is threatened when the bad times start outweighing the good, and her trophy starts getting polished by someone else.

When these two women decide to go their separate ways, their relationship towards each other is forever changed.

Gia finds herself in a chain of love games and Olivia finds herself falling weak to temptation. With all of the tribulations they have been through, will they find comfort once again in one another?

Misconceptions (It’s Complicated) by Erika Land

An unexpected tragedy causes Laila to weave a web of heartbreak, betrayal, and deception, with three women, all of whom fall have fallen deeply in love with her. Laila’s dilemma explores how, in the blink of an eye, jealousy and doubt can cause everything to spin completely out of control. Laila finds herself caught up in her thoughts, and making the tough decision to disconnect from Tori, the wife she thought she’d love forever, when Tori appears to be cheating.

What happens next is more than she bargained for. She finds lust with a stripper and romance with a personal assistant.

Will love be enough to keep Laila with any of her women, or will deception, heartbreak, and betrayal take their toll?

Niya: Rainbow Dreams (The Dreamers) (Volume 1) by Erotic Bliss and Fabie J

Do you know who you are? Are you comfortable in your skin? Outed by her best friend in front of the whole neighborhood, Niya is trying to come to terms with being a lesbian, and it isn’t easy. Although everyone around her seems to know the secret she is trying to hide, she is still battling the fact that she likes girls. Filled with dreams of becoming a rap star, she must first learn to accept who she really is before taking over the music industry. Jamilla is drowning in the reality of her home life. Forced to face a real life monster on a daily basis, the shame of her past is slowly killing everything beautiful about her. Just when she thinks life isn’t worth living, she befriends Niya. Armed with a pen, journal, and true friendship, this writer will find the courage to overcome her past. With Jamilla’s self-imposed restraints and label of being straight, feelings will emerge, but will also be stifled. Both of these women will be confused by an extremely close unconventional friendship and high sexual tension. Afraid of disrupting their budding friendship, Niya fights to keep her true feelings for Jamilla under wraps. How long can this game of friendship last when love is the stronger opponent? How will these ladies triumph over pain, murder, and so much anger? The secret lies within the pages of Niya… Rainbow Dreams. The story of forbidden love, friendship, music, and destruction.

Stars & Straps: A Few Short Stories to Make You Horny by Samantha Underwood

This steamy Lesbian Erotica Anthology will surely become your favorite as you flip through the pages and meet each couple. From tales of sexy quickies and heart break to tales of rebuilding and epic love stories, these 10 detailed short stories will give you a little piece of everything you look for in an erotica. The Author introduces many new characters, all with different personalities while still giving you a glimpse into one of your favorite couples.  Extended love scenes, and taboo pairings make this collection unique and unforgettable.

Technical Difficulties (Happily Sexually After) by Lee Loveless

Do you believe in lust at first sight? Well neither did Raquel until she caught her first glance at the exquisite female form of one Ms. Jackson Lovette. With time working against her, she knows she will do whatever it takes to make this woman hers! All bets are off as she pulls out all the stops to get this divine creature to notice her.

SOTS Books 2 Check Out – February 2013


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Looking for something new to read? Here’s a round-up of a few novels you should check out (the titles in pink are linked to Amazon, but some are available for purchase at Barnes & Noble and other websites, as well):

Beloved Sisters and Loving Friends: Letters from Rebecca Primus of Royal Oak, Maryland, and Addie Brown of Hartford, Connecticut, 1854-1868 – Farah Jasmine Griffin (Editor)
Rebecca Primus was the daughter of a prominent black Connecticut family who was sent south during Reconstruction by the Hartford Freedmen’s Aid Society to teach newly freed slaves. Addie Brown was a domestic servant in Connecticut and New York City – as well as Rebecca’s best friend and romantic companion. These two spirited, intelligent women wrote letters in this astonishing, historically priceless volume. Beloved Sisters and Loving Friends breaks the long silence surrounding the lives of black women in America and reveals an amazing world until now unknown.

“I have today put my second class into the third Reader,” wrote Rebecca from the school in Maryland’s Eastern Shore that was later to bear her name. “I hear the President Johnson expect to be in Hartford the 26th,” exclaimed Addie. “I wish some of them present him with a ball through his head.”

Shared passion, ambitions, frustrations, politics, gossip, all the fascinating minutiae of daily life, give these unique letters extraordinary flavor and richness–and offer us an unprecedented piece of American history.

Codename: Viper – Jaden
Who is the Viper?

Agent Adanna Taylor, known only to those in her field as “The Viper,” is an elite government assassin working for the CIA’s covert intelligence network called, “The Agency.”

Adanna has just completed a six-month assignment overseas and can’t wait to get back into the arms of her girlfriend Brenda. However, it is not long before she gets called back into the field. Her quality time with Brenda is cut short when she gets an emergency message from Daniel Jamerson, her boss, and he orders her to go to Miami, Florida and locate government informant Patrick Collins.

Collins has been targeted for elimination by the terrorist organization La Pesta Negra. Still not wanting to take the assignment, Adanna changes her mind when finding out that Deso Alomar, the man she holds responsible for killing her former lover, Elena, is involved.

Faced with an opportunity for revenge, Adanna agrees to go to Miami. She soon discovers her line of work is hitting too close to home and is a serious threat to her personal life. This means that the people she cares about most may pay the ultimate price. Quick, precise, cold-blooded, and deadly… this is The Viper. Normally this equation equals death, but her perspective changes when matters of the heart and loyalty become more important.

Will the Viper complete her Mission or save the ones she loves?

The D in Drama – Christiana Harrell
Short story turned novel, The D in Drama is the popular tale from Girl: A Story for Every Les Being of Rose Anderson, a flawless model type chick who is used to having her way and getting everything that she wants all from her looks alone and Sasha “Snapps” Adams, the “most wanted” pretty-boy stud with charm for days and has had girls falling at her feet since the day she stepped out of the closet and labeled herself a stud. Rose knows exactly what she wants and who she wants until some unfortunate incidents in her life throw her off her path. Snapps vows to be her knight in shining armor wanting nothing more than to protect her from herself, but Snapps learns all too soon that she just may be doing too much. Get the whole story and see what happens when jealousy, betrayal, and heartache are mixed. It’s a new tale of misery loves company.

First Breath – Robin G. White
Divided in six sections, First Breath begins with mildly sexual and heavily romantic poetry and prose in Sighs and Inhalations respectively and smolders on in the same format through Exhalations and Gasps. In the fifth section, White fully ventures into the world of BDSM and heavy gender role play. The section is true to its title, Breathless, and is not for the faint of heart. It will leave readers burning and fanning flames for oxygen.

The final section, Pranayama, is one final sweet, romantic romp about rekindling love when it is nearly lost. Because at the end of the day it is the moments that take your breath away that bring us the greatest joys and finding that one true love that is the vital air of life.

First Taste: Kendra (True Colors Book One) – Portia M. Delaney
Working upwards of sixty hours every week with no semblance of a life otherwise, Kendra Holliday never expected to be bitten by the lust bug, especially for co-worker, Lea Jacobs.

After suddenly discovering a pulsating attraction, Lea challenges Kendra to loosen a few buttons and dive into the ultimate stress reliever: lots of hot, mind-numbing sex. Problem is, Kendra is a lifelong hetero and the reality of “dealing with” another female sends her running. Can she overcome her fears and embrace her true colors before the window of opportunity (and Lea’s legs) closes?

Warning: this book is meant for adults only. It contains explicit and plentiful sexual situations, language, thoughts, and deeds between two grown-ass women that many may find objectionable. It is erotica, so if you don’t enjoy stories where approximately 70% of it is, well…erotic, you may object to its contents. Of course you might be tempted to try it anyway.

First Taste is the 12,500 word-count first installment of the True Colors series although it can serve as a stand-alone title. This title also creates a level of steam that will require subsequent extinguishment by either a handheld device or an enthusiastic partner, so please have either or both available – you’ve been warned.

Gilding the L.I.L.L.(y) – T. Jurrette
Nicolas is on top of the world personally and professionally, Camille is a woman trying to get there. The interwoven threads of their personal and professional relationships appear to be seamless, yet are rapidly unraveling. Family and business keep Nicolas on her toes; she also proves a welcome distraction for Camille. A murder brings a cloud of suspicion; the resulting investigation takes no prisoners. Who killed Maddie and why? Will Nicolas and Camille hold it together against the odds or will it all fall apart?

Love Relived – Monique ‘Being True’ Thomas
Photographer Mahogany Williams has beauty, brains and success in San Francisco, California. Knowing the right people had launched her career into the limelight and she was enjoying the benefits of it all. When her Nana becomes confined to a wheel chair, Mahogany goes back home (New York) to care for her. While doing so she also tries to undo the pain that caused her to leave so many years ago.

Cheryl James is a quiet sensible and known to be “too serious” woman. She enjoys her job working as a head educator at the famed Museum of Natural history. It is the theme of history, however, that caused old feelings to resurface when she finds out that Mahogany is coming back into town. Will she be able to handle it after the bitter way things were left between them? Can forgiveness be enough? Can love be revisited?

Pit Crew: How to Survive a Spiritual Pit Stop – Renair Amin
Pit Crew: How to Survive a Spiritual Pit Stop is a short pocket book birthed from the spirit of “Life Styler” Renair Amin. Filled with accounts of how she overcame her own personal tragedies, she uses racing as a metaphor for life to give the reader two essentials – instructions on track navigation and insight on developing their own support structure, affectionately known as the Pit Crew.

Royal BLU (Volume 1) – Feral Kitty
The story follows DJ Royal and her three closest friends down an L shaped road of love, lust and lies.

After 3 years of loathing one another Royal Ann Hanson (DJ Royal), a 28 year old arrogant and promiscuous lesbian DJ and Asia Curry, a 22-year-old sassy, out spoken lesbian college student and poet becomes an unlikely couple.

Katrina (KC) Carter, a 26-year-old white butch lesbian, was always a tomboy growing up and knew she was attracted to women at a very young age, usually black women. Her nightmare began after meeting the love of her life Ebony Greer, a cold-hearted hood rat with a fowl mouth and a bad attitude.

Paul (Pauline) Williams and her wife, Candi, have been together 17 years. Both having full time jobs, raising a 12-year-old daughter and running a popular lesbian nightclub, needless to say the romantic side of the relationship has become almost nonresistant.

Tiana Allen, 20 year old college student, sidekick and protégé to her best friend, Royal. She desperately tries to keep up the stereotypical image of a dominate lesbian and her delusional player reputation.

Surviving Love – Charlie B.
In the thriving city of Chicago, where the wind blows cold, self-proclaimed fashionista Lailani Drew learns the true meaning of trust, family, love and sacrifice.

Lailani was raised by her traditional yet attentive grandmother from the age of two due to the death of her mother from a drug overdose and the absence of her father from birth. After opening up to a friend in school, she becomes aware that her sexual preference may not be that of the norm and would one day have to face her sexuality head on.

In high school, she is introduced to three very different girls that would soon become the only family she’d ever known, and throughout the years, deal with their drama and life infliction so much so that she loses sight of her own importance. Trying not to be judgmental about her friends choices, Lailani becomes a voice of reason for Essence, career-oriented law student; Davina, the outspoken single mother; and Autumn, the free-spirited lesbian with a heart of gold.

When she decides to live life for herself, Lailani’s friends grow distant unsure of how to react to her sudden since of independence. Having to deal with a crazy ex who she can’t seem to let go of due to mind blowing sexual escapades and becoming engulfed in a new love interest, Lailani forgets what’s most important to her and is ill prepared for the tragedy to come.

Amid the discrepancies in her life, Lailani is forced to choose between her career and her friends, what she knows and what she’s wanted for so long and in the end makes a decision no one was prepared to accept, not even her.

The Unsimple Truth – J. Renee’ LaCour
Jordan has the man that every woman dreams of – Kevin. He’s a handsome marketing executive who loves her deeply and wants to marry her. After three years of living with Kevin, Jordan meets Leslie, a gorgeous New York record label exec, who shares an open marriage with an Italian billionaire. While working together, the two women discover that they have chemistry. Jordan confides in her best friend, Daphne, who doesn’t react quite the way that she expected. Will Jordan succumb to her feelings for Leslie or will she marry “Mr. Right”? Can Jordan and Daphne’s friendship withstand this new revelation?

Evan, a twin, lives the life of a DL man in New Orleans, Louisiana. He dates women by day and has sex with men by night. He’s the father of a six-year old adorable boy, and because of that, believes he must find a wife and secure a steady home for his child. When he meets a lovely church-going woman named Sandra, he thinks that he has found the ideal solution to his problem. Then, he attends church with Sandra and encounters Deacon Mike and the Men’s Ministry. Does Evan find salvation or take a path that leads to self-destruction?

The Unsimple Truth weaves these lives together and reveals the answers to those who dare to face it….once and for all.